“Ice Princess”

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Lace up your skates and get ready for this film to triple axle its way into your heart. (This line is just as cheesy as this movie) In true Disney film fashion, the characters all find themselves and their true callings after being put in what first appear to be incredibly awkward situations, only to find out following their heart would lead them to victory in the end. Who knew physics are the key to becoming a championship caliber figure skater over the course of about a month? And… the adorkable knight in shining armor who drives the Zamboni gets the girl.

In the words of the Disney+ description, “a brainy ugly duckling realizes her dream of becoming a champion figure skater…” although, none of the characters skate anywhere near “ugly duckling.” If Michelle Tratchenberg, Kim Cattrall, or Hayden Panettiere are in it, I will watch it. Every time.

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