Author: Brett_G

“Some Kind of Wonderful”


Good to see Eric Stoltz finally got to be a leading man after Michael J. Fox stole “Back to the Future” from him.

Technically speaking, Jim and Michelle did this same love story better in “American Pie 2.” That said, it’s still a solid cheesy 80’s movie. I especially enjoyed the dynamic between Keith and Duncan the tough guy who he befriends in detention. Their relationship as brothers in arms on the battlefield of love was my favorite part of this movie. There weren’t a lot of scenes together, but they had a cool dynamic taking on the cool kids together.

“One of the Guys”


Sleeper hit from the 80’s. Solid JV squad film.

Brother is a total creep, good lord. Just a walking red flag. Teri tries out life as a guy after getting shot down as a girl for her dream job. Learns things aren’t always as they seem, falls in love. The usual.

Billy Zabka plays the bad guy with perfect hair. Pure 80’s.

“Silk Road”


Somewhat cheesy movie. Amazing true story. Hard to bring to life on the big screen, I would imagine. One of those “life writes the best story” situations.

Get read to fight the man, as you watch the protagonist take on the US government and in the grand scheme of things win. However, as an early adopter, he sacrificed himself for the liberty of others.

Your classic rise and fall story. A deadly combination of ego and paranoia get the best of him and lead to his demise. Regardless of your politics, you have to admire the cajones.

“The Little Things”


It’s the little things that get you caught. It’s also the little things that kill this film.

Two titans of the silver screen team up in this phenomenal 3/4 of a crime drama thriller. The story unfolds with a horrific beauty, the acting is superb… Then it completely shoots itself in the foot in the third act.

Jared Leto played the best creep being investigated that gets under the cops’ skin since Donald Sutherland in “Backdraft, ” only to have it wasted.

What is initially framed as a struggle between seeing the good and giving in to the evil in the world, becomes nihilistic remarkably quickly and without much explanation or motivation.

Worth a watch if you enjoy great acting. It just seemed to me like going mudding with a Maserati.