Author: Brett_G



Half hour in, my eye roll was palpable. This was the most predictable popcorn fluff thriller of all time.

Then, it redeemed itself with just enough twists and turns, tight directing, and flat out fantastic acting to bring it home with a bang! Hillary Swank keeps the audience genuinely uncomfortable from her first frame onscreen to the last.

Ignore the Hot/Crazy scale… This is what you get.



Gary Oldman shines as the secret screenwriter behind the masterful manuscript of “Citizen Kane.” Hollywood studio politics, national politics, and international politics all collide in a wonderfully witty and dramatic period piece.

The black and white cinematography was a solid choice and lent itself to the story’s style itself. I felt truly immersed in the narrative the entire runtime. It strikes me as somewhat predictable that, of course, the famous author-screenwriter is a hellacious lush. Oldman finds an outstanding balance and hits all the necessary notes to round out the main character. I had no idea the hidden agendas behind all of the classic tale characters. Very well done!

“The Donut King”


A wonderful window into a world I admittedly never knew existed. Truly one of the beauties of cinema, expanding our horizons and awareness of the world around us.

Basically, it’s “Scarface,” but a different powder this fellow is peddling. A harrowing tale of achieving the “American Dream,” doing battle with Dunkin Donuts, and then losing it all. His legacy is a lasting one, mostly in the lives he changed. It’s an inspiring character study in the imperfect nature of even the best of us. It also serves as a delicious advertisement for donuts.

One of my more odd recommendations, but a highly recommended one nonetheless!

“The Call”


Tobin Bell and Lin Shay. Jigsaw and Insidious lady. The perfect horror couple we never knew we needed. Take a seat and get ready to get uncomfortable as these terror twins tag team taking down a group of terrorizing teenagers.

A fairly original script executed very well. Solid jump scares. The typical twists and turns along the way to keep you guessing pretty much up until the end. Solid flick.