Author: Brett_G

“The Covenant”


Holy shit this is intense. From every angle. Not only does the action leave you sitting on the edge of your seat, but the emotional impact will leave you slumped in your chair trying to recover before the next barrage of violence in these 2 men’s pursuits of honor, commitment, friendship, and brotherhood. It’s a beautiful display of the best and worst of humanity, and how they often coexist side by side in our world, mixing in a gray middle at times, left to our own perceptions.

Guy Ritchie can do no wrong with the action, but where this film goes above and beyond is in the characters. The story is demonstrated expertly, instead of spoon fed to the audience. There’s an understanding reached while going on this journey together, and it leads to much more impactful twists and turns. I found myself enveloped by this film in a way not many achieve. Bravo!

“Somewhere in Queens”


A surprisingly, incredibly powerful family drama. A film that also made me and the couple sitting behind me laugh uncontrollably through most of the runtime. The heart woven within this story is some of the best of the year!

The cast absolutely kills it. From main characters down to the valets who are only in one or two scenes.

At the heart of this one is the process of having one’s heart broken. Whether it’s losing your first love or almost losing your one and only love, the laughs are countered by some Rocky-like punches to the gut. Learning to overcome such adversity to live a fuller, more deeply experienced life on the other side is one of life’s great triumphs, and on full display here. Wonderfully done!

“Bitter Moon”


^In essence, it’s a two hour reflection on the intricacies of the above chart. Polanski keeps to his niche of passionate oddity put to film. An immaculate introspection on the intensity of intimacy.

What could just be dismissed as an x-rated episode of “The Love Boat” has so much under the surface to explore for those willing. As erotic thrillers go, this has a much stronger delivery, in my opinion, than the likes of “Fatal Attraction” and “Eyes Wide Shut.” They all dance on the same floor, but this one is the definite belle of the ball. Perhaps it’s Polanski’s touch for the eccentric, added to by the fact that he ended up marrying Emmanuelle Seigner, who is electric in her performance as the minx muse Mimi. The heat of the passion shared between the main couple is only topped by the intensity of the revenge enacted in the final act.

The film spends the entire runtime ruminating on the razor’s edge of the results of such powerful passion… both the beauty and the dread. Only such a strong affection could lead to such affliction as this rose blossoms and then withers on the vine in the most violent of fashions.

“The Secret of My Success”


A really charming comedy about corporate calamity. In the vein of “Office Space,” if you’ve ever worked hidden within the origami of an org chart, you’ll love this one.

Michael J. Fox brings his trademark charm, helping to lighten the mood of what could have been a much more questionable movie had it been anyone else. Between the personal and professional infidelity, there’s a lot of moral ambiguity going on. But with Marty McFly in the frame, there’s a lovable levity to it all.

Also a lesson to be gleaned… as Newman in “Seinfeld” once said, “when you control the mail, you control INFORMATION!”

“Evil Dead Rise”


Definitely one of the most gruesome movies I’ve seen in a LONG time. The lengths to which it goes to make the audience genuinely uncomfortable to their cores is commendable and impressive. It doesn’t let off the gas from the first frame to the very last. And the blood… blood EVERYWHERE!

The cast did a great job of establishing a rapport, despite the lack of time and scenes built for that explicit purpose, helping you to have someone to root for and a reason to care about the carnage.

The homages to the classics were a work of art. “The Shining,” “Nightmare on Elm Street,” and of course “Evil Dead,” to name a few. This film may be gruesome, but it is also gorgeous.

Not for children… or the faint of heart. Worth every second!