Author: Brett_G



Man can’t get his fellow physicians to believe in germ theory. Gets fired from his job at the hospital.

Man joins a women’s medicine clinic, treating “hysteria” by providing orgasms by hand.

Man injures said hand due to a busy practice.

Man develops the mechanical-electric vibrator after his roommate’s electric muscle massager helps cure his hand and sparks an idea.

I kid you not… that’s the premise of this movie. Loosely based on the life of Joseph Mortimer Granville. Wrapped in a tale of women’s rights and progression of liberalization of a traditional, puritan European culture. It’s just as wild as it sounds, and far better than expected at first glance.

Maggie Gyllenhaal absolutely kills it as a revolutionary who takes over every scene she’s in, and delights as the incomparable Charlotte. A rather stimulating film, if I do say so myself.

“One Last Thing”


Props to this kid for not wasting his wish. Shoot for the stars.

Much better than expected. Only dragged and meandered a bit in the middle. The beginning has me hooked and they landed the plane beautifully, if unexpectedly. I did not see the ending coming quite the way it did. Of course he dies, but the way it all plays out was one of my finer “I’m going to hell for laughing at this” moments of my 29 years.

A surprisingly heartfelt tale of broken people coming together to help each other in a time of need. We all have a gift to share, it’s often about finding the right person to give to that’s the tricky part.

“The Invitation”


Initially, it gave strong “Crimson Peak” vibes. Leaving the theater, I was left feeling I should have watched “Ready or Not.”

Few solid jump scares and creepy scenes, but overall an incredibly predictable and underwhelming story, brought to the screen by a cast who had moments of great, but we’re overall alright. Maybe with a few tweaks to the story, it would have worked better?

“Bodies Bodies Bodies”


Don’t do coke with Pete Davidson – noted.

This movie perfectly balances tones that the “Black Christmas” remake butchered. The characters are just annoying enough that you kind of care about them, but can still root for their deaths. There’s just the right amount of self-awareness in the plot. And the characters are all portrayed to a T… and the soundtrack is an absolute banger. Don’t expect Oscar’s, and you’ll thoroughly enjoy this whodunnit thriller.