Category: Horror/Thriller

“The Invitation”


Initially, it gave strong “Crimson Peak” vibes. Leaving the theater, I was left feeling I should have watched “Ready or Not.”

Few solid jump scares and creepy scenes, but overall an incredibly predictable and underwhelming story, brought to the screen by a cast who had moments of great, but we’re overall alright. Maybe with a few tweaks to the story, it would have worked better?

“Bodies Bodies Bodies”


Don’t do coke with Pete Davidson – noted.

This movie perfectly balances tones that the “Black Christmas” remake butchered. The characters are just annoying enough that you kind of care about them, but can still root for their deaths. There’s just the right amount of self-awareness in the plot. And the characters are all portrayed to a T… and the soundtrack is an absolute banger. Don’t expect Oscar’s, and you’ll thoroughly enjoy this whodunnit thriller.

“Firestarter” (2022)


Unfortunately fell flat for me…a cross between “Stranger Things,” “Matilda,” and “Carrie.” It had some well-done scenes but failed to build consistent momentum and ultimately left me underwhelmed.

The one bright spot in this hot mess, aside from the brilliant score by John Carpenter, was the performance of the main lead Ryan Kiera Armstrong. She stole the focus in almost every scene and held down the fort while Efron overacted the likes of Jim Carrey.

Throughout the runtime, this film felt like a cheap attempt to play on tropes. Though brilliant in its own right, even the score was essentially the “Halloween” score in a different scale.

“Deep Water”


Why is it that Ben Affleck keeps getting caught in these toxic on-screen relationships? Between this and “Gone Girl,” his red flag detection is… well, it’s worse than mine.

This is a fantastic ride – a masterclass in suspense. I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen for the entire runtime and was sincerely surprised with every twist and turn. I found myself yelling at the screen more often than usual with this one. Everything from “… and now your dead” to “DUDE, RUN!” There’s not an innocent soul in the entire cast. Everyone’s secrets play a role in their demise and play off each other’s flaws to keep the story mysterious and drive the plot to its conclusion.

I’ve done some crazy things in the name of… love? Lust?… But never anything nearing this lunacy.

Content Warning – Hulu may be owned by Disney, but this is NOT a Disney movie.