Category: Horror/Thriller

“Shaun of the Dead”



I’d like to think this is how I would handle the zombie apocalypse.

The perfect balance of horror and comedy. Great special effects, great acting, a great script. And it all ends at the pub. In the vein of other Simon Peg masterpieces, such as “At World’s End,” a legendary addition to zombie canon.

“From Beyond”


All I wanted to know was where the idea for the floating sky jellyfish in zombies mode in the new “Call of Duty” came from… Apparently, that was too much to ask. Come along with me down the rabbit hole.

Buckle up for a wild ride. Rogue pituitary glands, killer ghost seas creatures, and the most moist finale this side of the horror classic “Society.” If the multiple uses of moist make you uncomfortable, that gives you a taste for what your in for for the entire runtime. Wowza.

“Come Play”


Larry just wants a friend. What could go wrong?

Everything, that’s what. Clearly, this kid’s never seen a horror movie. The imaginary friend remains undefeated. A reasonably original premise, well-executed, and well-acted by all involved.

Surprisingly well-directed horror scenes that expertly build tension to keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the runtime.



Uh… ok.

Well, that was a wild ride. Pretty sure this is the definition of the treatment being worse than the disease. Oof… I did not see this one coming. Get ready to wince in pain quite a few times, with plenty of WTF moments mixed in. Grab your voodoo doll, and strap in for a wild ride in the bayou.



WAY better than I expected! And I set a high bar for this simply based on the trailer and my respect for the director’s previous work on the “Happy Death Day” films.

A hilarious premise executed to perfection by all involved. One of Vince Vaughn’s best performances, hands down. Completely inappropriate at all the right times in just the right ways. *chef’s kiss.*

Gorgeously gruesome kills and a razor-sharp script make for a devilishly good time at the movies. Very well done. Highly recommend.