Category: Comedy

“Shaun of the Dead”



I’d like to think this is how I would handle the zombie apocalypse.

The perfect balance of horror and comedy. Great special effects, great acting, a great script. And it all ends at the pub. In the vein of other Simon Peg masterpieces, such as “At World’s End,” a legendary addition to zombie canon.

“Chick Fight”


There are chicks, and they do fight.

Alec Baldwin comes in clutch as the Mickey to our blonde Rocky working her way atop this female fight club. Malin Akerman kicks ass literally and figuratively, delivering a performance as reliable as her headbutts. Lace-up your gloves, and get ready for another Bella Thorne being a badass movie.



WAY better than I expected! And I set a high bar for this simply based on the trailer and my respect for the director’s previous work on the “Happy Death Day” films.

A hilarious premise executed to perfection by all involved. One of Vince Vaughn’s best performances, hands down. Completely inappropriate at all the right times in just the right ways. *chef’s kiss.*

Gorgeously gruesome kills and a razor-sharp script make for a devilishly good time at the movies. Very well done. Highly recommend.

“Maximum Overdrive”


“If you want something done right, you oughta do it yourself.”

What he doesn’t mention is the Scarface-sized mountain of cocaine that led to this decision. God love him, Stephen does his best. Creates an… interesting film. Get ready to laugh, get kind of weirded out, and then laugh some more. Basically a less dreadful version of Terminator. The machines may come to life, but they only kill you if you’re an imbecile. Crank up the AC/DC, and enjoy the ride.