Category: Comedy

“Bill & Ted Face The Music”


If you liked the originals, you’ll enjoy this one. Same old Bill and Ted shenanigans. An… interesting soundtrack. Cameos galore, including the valiant return of Death! The narrative was a bit messy at times, but it was great to see the dynamic duo back together for an hour and a half of fun. Power up your phone booth, and get ready to dial the fun up to 11!

“Cobra Kai”


FINALLY! This isn’t buried on a streaming service no one dare uses! (Sorry, Not Sorry YouTube Red)

This one definitely swept the leg of my heart. There’s not an aspect of this show I haven’t fallen in love with. The soundtrack kicks ass. The characters develop a great depth and complexity, and we get a fresh take on a classic that breathes new life into the franchise. I never thought that Johnny Lawrence would become a sympathetic character, but it just speaks to the phenomenal acting chops of Billy Zabka. You can really tell that the actors enjoyed revisiting these characters and coming back for this project. Pure fun and nostalgia, injected straight into the viewers veins. I’m here for it!