Category: Comedy

“Banana Split”


There’s a dick joke in there somewhere… because his banana is split between two girls… get it? Boom goes the dynamite. In the meantime, back to the review!

Relationships are messy. So is this movie. Basically a love triangle, similar to “the other woman,” but instead of seeking revenge, one of the women is trying to get rid of the other and win back her ex? All the while Zack or Cody (not sure which one) is living a pretty suite life, as 2 gorgeous ladies fight over him while trying to be friends and get revenge on him… I think. And the redheaded best friend gets the short end of every stick. And a black eye to cap off a string of bad luck. The little sister steals the show by throwing some stupendous shade at the dinner table.

Your fairly typical “summer after senior year coming of age story.” Some solid laughs and some strong heart. Also, made me really want a banana split.

“The Little Rascals”


I’m biased. This one gets one big Smoley Oley from this critic. One of my first favorite movies, with my first crush (Darla), before I made it to Kindergarten and met the real life one.

This story of brotherhood, youth, and overcoming adversity with the help of your pals is what makes it truly timeless. So many classic lines, so many great performances. All time greatness put to film. Throw it back to the nice guy getting the girl, and winning the race by a hair.

“Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet”


A comedy in the vein of “the office” or “community,” this show made me laugh harder than I have in quite some time. The actors all play to their strengths and blend to form a comedic force to be reckoned with. Inappropriate humor at its finest! Skewering nerd culture created by the likes of “the Big Bang theory.” Never thought I’d buy into a show about a video game company, but here we are. If you’re a fan of “it’s always sunny in Philadelphia,” you’ll be pleased. AppleTV+ is definitely building its repertoire.

“Birds of Prey”


Solid superhero film from DC. The tone feels more “Suicide Squad” than “Dark Knight” or “Joker,” but it works. Margot Robbie fully comes into her own as the character, and really starts to embrace the chaos and take over the screen. Everyone in the film really seemed to enjoy playing the off the wall characters, which really comes across. Solid standalone. She’s Harley F**king Quinn, and she’s here to party!