Category: Comedy

“Cooking With Paris”


I’m still a bigger “Selena + Chef” fan, but this was a close second. All the typical Paris shenanigans, with a carousel of celebrity friends learning to cook. It’s gaudy to the max. If you’re not concerned with actually learning any culinary expertise, this is your show. If you want actual recipes and depth, head over to HBO Max for Selena’s rendition.

“Free Guy”


This is the movie of the year, as far as I’m concerned.

You think I’ve lost my mind, I know… Well, I’m completely lucid and in love with this movie. I expected a fun hour and a half of laughing along with unmasked Deadpool. You know what? I got a profound story about purpose in life, adventure, artificial intelligence, ethics, and a fantastic action film. All with just the right amount of ridiculousness, cameos, and appearances by Disney intellectual property. It adds to the story with finesse, instead of beating you over the head with sensory overload like “Ready Player One.”

Perfect cast, all in the ideal roles, with an excellent story. Told through rich cinematography that feels much more lifelike than the videogame most of the story takes place in. The grounding of the story is a love story, and it being the last one you expect left me blown away and singing the praises of this film I had to wait over a year for. Much more worth the wait than “New Mutants.”

Honestly, this thing fires on all cylinders and will leave you moved and inspired. Bravo!

“The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard”


A really solid sequel!

Salma Hayek serves as a strong addition to the now trio main cast here. Also of note, on par with Samuel L. Jackson in saying “motherfucker.” Made me laugh/cheer every time it happened. The villain was meh, but that’s not really the main reason you’re coming to the theater to watch this. Turn your brain off, watch the explosions, and enjoy the laughs along the way. An excellently executed, tight hour and a half action comedy.

“Queen Bees”


This one was kind of amazing… I was expecting funny, but it far exceeded my expectations!

Be it my appreciation that it brought Dementia/Alzheimer’s into the limelight or the fact that this cast was fantastic, and it knocks it out of the park for a tight hour and a half. Better than expected laughs with just as much heart balancing it all out, some moments hitting a little close to home for someone who used to work in a nursing home, bringing back all the right nostalgia. Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) continues his recent renaissance. Helen Wilson shines as the leading lady. They seem to crank out at least one of these comedies a year, but this one was up there with “Book Club” on the level of wildly out-kicking its coverage. A feel-good movie when we need some real feel-good movies to welcome us all back to theaters.

“Here Today”


“It’s the perfect time for jokes!”

The better version of “The Father.” There, I said it! This movie should have been in the running for best picture instead.

I spent at least 2/3 of the runtime misty-eyed. But I also laughed more genuinely than most films are able to achieve. Such a horrific story and situation that forces moments of profound beauty and perspective.

Tiffany Haddish kicks ass in a drama role in this one. Just as unexpected as Billy Crystal. They both toe the line of seriousness and humor with grace not many have. It illustrates the balance between the two we often struggle with within our own lives. This is why I prefer this version of “old man losing his marbles” to “The Father.” The films have very different approaches with a similar intent of bringing awareness to Alzheimer’s/dementia. I just preferred this more human feeling, struggle to be lighthearted in the face of darkness approach. Very well done and worth the time and tears.