Category: Comedy

“Somewhere in Queens”


A surprisingly, incredibly powerful family drama. A film that also made me and the couple sitting behind me laugh uncontrollably through most of the runtime. The heart woven within this story is some of the best of the year!

The cast absolutely kills it. From main characters down to the valets who are only in one or two scenes.

At the heart of this one is the process of having one’s heart broken. Whether it’s losing your first love or almost losing your one and only love, the laughs are countered by some Rocky-like punches to the gut. Learning to overcome such adversity to live a fuller, more deeply experienced life on the other side is one of life’s great triumphs, and on full display here. Wonderfully done!

“The Secret of My Success”


A really charming comedy about corporate calamity. In the vein of “Office Space,” if you’ve ever worked hidden within the origami of an org chart, you’ll love this one.

Michael J. Fox brings his trademark charm, helping to lighten the mood of what could have been a much more questionable movie had it been anyone else. Between the personal and professional infidelity, there’s a lot of moral ambiguity going on. But with Marty McFly in the frame, there’s a lovable levity to it all.

Also a lesson to be gleaned… as Newman in “Seinfeld” once said, “when you control the mail, you control INFORMATION!”



Two words – unnecessarily horny.

Turns out Bob Ross needed a stash of brushes to keep the babes at bay.

An absolutely ridiculous what I’m going to consider a mockumentary for the ages. Owen Wilson kills it, and somehow keeps a straight face the entire runtime. If (insert vehicle here) is a rocking, don’t come a knocking. And probably don’t take your new vegan girlfriend to the fondue place for veal. Pro tip from a single gentleman about town.

“Miracle Beach”


In the vein of “Mannequin,” but not nearly as good.

I had to use a clip in lieu of a trailer, because the trailer on YouTube contained an honest approximation of unnecessary topless women. Not that I’m necessarily complaining, but it started to take me out of the story and became comical after the first 30 minutes.

The genie, played by the incomparable Ami Dolenz, really carries the movie. She’s the emotional anchor, the comic relief… I wouldn’t doubt she even composed the score.

One of those “this is 3-4 layers deep on prime video and I’m looking for something off the wall, let’s give this a whirl” movies.

“Cocaine Bear”


Perfectly ridiculous. An entry into my favorite re-emerging genres of utterly insane films that cause you to question “how in the hell did someone green light this?!” As you know, one of my all-time favorite films is “Hot Tub Time Machine.”

A film that knows its audience and plays to them for a tight hour and a half runtime. “Going to hell for laughing at this” humor at its finest, with a BANGING soundtrack!

RIP Ray Liotta. RIP to the real cocaine bear, who now resides in a Kentucky shopping mall.