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“Possession” (1981)


Similar to “Cannibal Holocaust,” I had to hunt down an unofficial official blu-ray of this online. How was this not on Shudder?! Anyway, there is a reason for that. It’s a strange one. Very moist.

Before Sam Neil was busy auditing theme parks (“Jurassic Park”), he was working for the government in a job more mysterious than Barney Stinson’s. He leaves this high-paying job to move back in with his… wife(?) and young son, only to find that there’s something amiss. I’m not entirely sure how to even explain it. Overall, the moral of the story is “Don’t stick your dick in crazy.” I know most slashers kill teenagers for doing the deed, but this takes it to a whole other level. Everyone who enters that sacred temple ends up mangled by the end of the film. This is what happens when curiosity drives one of my weekend watch picks.

Fun fact: Isabelle Adjani, the lead actress with the hypnotizing blue eyes that lure you in as a viewer almost as strongly as men into her trap in the story, was once married to actor Daniel Day Lewis.

Because I'm a Guy on Twitter: "If you stick your dick in crazy....😂😂… "

“The Resort”


It’s been a long time since I’ve rooted this firmly for a cast to die so I could be done with watching this mess of a movie. The likeability of the characters is worse than the “Escape Room” franchise. They’re trespassing, breaking every rule, ignoring every warning… they deserve what comes their way. There’s a way to pull off great low-budget horror. This ain’t it. Saved you an hour and a half. (That was the only upside to this movie. it was shockingly short in runtime.)

“Roadrunner: A Film About Anthony Bourdain”


Get ready to cry…

The dark side of fame, the darkness within ourselves, the darkness of society. Juxtaposed with the beauty of being able to touch so many lives, the light within us all, and the beauty in the imperfection of a world made of imperfect people. Dive in, and immerse yourself in a brutally honest tale of a vagabond who allowed us all to live vicariously through him.


“I Carry You With Me”


First, this is a love story. Then, it’s a family drama. Then, it’s a life and death struggle for survival action thriller. Then, it’s a documentary chronicling the political fallout and collateral damage of immigration policy. I could have gone for any one of these and been satisfied, but they checked every boxed and blew every one of them out of the water.

Cinematography-wise, the face closeups, I think, were intended to convey intimacy between the two lovers but ended up just being distracting for me as half of them were out of focus. I was also driven insane by the unnecessary shaky cam used throughout for no apparent reason. These were my only two gripes about the film.

The beauty of food and the way it can transcend countries and language barriers, bringing people together. The power of love, regardless of distance or any other barrier that may be dropped in the couple’s way. This film is all about facing insurmountable odds, sacrifice, and love. It was well worth the subtitles.



I cried during the pig movie. I’ll admit it.

I’m also beginning to thing Nicholas Cage has a new rider in his contracts that he is to say no more than 15-20 words per film.

Also also, I unwittingly saw 3 chef-centric films last night. Did not see that one coming.

On the surface, think “John Wick.” But instead of a dog, a pig. Instead of Keanu Reeves, Nicholas Cage. There’s a sweet car, and a guy comes back from the dead to kick ass and take names.

Digging deeper, this film has a lot going on. There is a lot of wisdom woven into this script, from the meta-commentary on the nature of success and the intimacy of the culinary arts to the value of friendship. I did not expect the depth that begins to unfold in the third act but was left in awe of how impressed I was by the time the credits rolled.

Every Nic Cage movie, I’m reminded of this scene from “Community”…