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Well, the trailer had me sold. By the time the credits rolled, I felt like I, too, wanted to fake losing my passport and spend some time with a mistress in an exotic beach town contemplating what it is that I’m doing with my life.

Honestly, the movie’s best scene, coincidentally bringing the most excitement and momentum to the film, was a fellow tourist being gunned down by jet ski hitmen. If that sentence has you confused, welcome to the mindset this one leaves you in. I’ll save you the hour and a half runtime – the best aspect of this movie.

“Red Rocket”


Not your typical A24 film… Although, it is horrifying in its own way.

A cross between “Shameless” and “Boogie Nights.” Twisted love stories seem to be the official theme of the 2021-2022 Oscar season. Bookending the film with an NSYNC song was a bold move but is oddly fitting in this oddball of a movie. Still not sure if I’m rooting for or against Mikey…

“Going to hell for laughing at this” filmmaking at its finest. Much better than last year’s “Zola.” Definitely not suitable for children. (It’s right there in the title.) And yes, you get to see his red rocket. Or is it in reference to the redhead, Strawberry? I’m confused again about what I just witnessed. If you’re looking to feel like you have your life together, this is the film for you!



Half-human, half-lamb. There you go. Then there’s a centaur at the end. No idea what the Beach Boys song is there for.

It’s all in Icelandic. I just saved you two hours of your life. To think, this was one of my most anticipated watches of last year… yikes.

“Licorice Pizza”


This film makes about as much sense as the title. Be warned.

That being said, all involved deliver brilliant performances in this twisted tale of fame, romance, adolescence, entrepreneurship, showbusiness, and politics. This struck me as a cross between “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” and “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.” More running than any film this side of a Tom Cruise flick, this film’s soundtrack will make you want to dance in the aisles. Fascinating, inventive camera shots. A fun, inspiring original plot. A marvelous addition to Oscar season.