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Figured I’d check this one out, since I love Zoey Deutch. Man, was I in for a weird 2 hour ride. A nosedive into the… strange… world of debt collection agencies. Part mob movie, part “the big short” fourth wall breaking exposition voiceovers. All capped off with hot wings. A lot of wings references. Buffalo seems like an interesting place to live if it’s anything like the city depicted here. Definitely a nice change of pace form the middle of the road films lately.



Well… that was… strange. Definitely one of the more oddball films I’ve seen in my quarantine run thus far.

Major style points, as the setting of the film and the nostalgia of being able to be in a movie theater definitely won me over. The nude ghost/demon woman who is summoned like the girl from “the ring,” whose method of killing was… definitely unexpected. Very strange film overall. Still not quite sure what to make of it. Highly original, though. That much was a breathe of fresh air.

“Everybody Wants Some”


One of the all time great coming of age college movies. Reminiscent of “American Pie” and “Animal House.” A tale of brotherhood. An adorable love story. Sports. Every stereotypical college bar and party. Endless debauchery. Laughs for days. Amazing soundtrack. This movie has it all! A hidden cinematic gem with a high rewatchability factor. Perfectly captures the spirit of welcome weekend, and ends up being a damn fun 2 hours.


One of my favorite all-time indie movies. Just in time for the new Netflix show, I decided to re-visit for nostalgia’s sake. This film really stands the test of time! Still, the same magic shared by the cast I remember that first time viewing in the theater. Such a unique story of redemption and coming of age mixed together with delicious food and one of the most vibrant color palettes this side of “Thor: Ragnarok.” If you’re looking for the “small restaurant no one’s ever heard of that only locals know about” of movies, this one’s for you! Dig in, and enjoy!