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Definition – existing before a war, especially : existing before the American Civil War.

Now I understand why the band shouldn’t have used it in the first place. Good lord, don’t they hire PR teams to say ”probably not the best idea.”

Back to the movie… Get ready to get uncomfortable, but in a productive way. If this film doesn’t make you uncomfortable, there is another conversation to be had. Janelle Monáe kills it as our two main characters. An absolute powerhouse performance.

The cinematography is downright breathtaking. The score is perfectly complementing the visual elements. The attention to detail, second to none. So many easter eggs to be discovered within almost every frame, driving you to a second viewing to immerse yourself in every nuanced “a-ha” moment fully. Hauntingly beautiful comes to mind.

You won’t expect or believe what you see upon first viewing. The film wasn’t at all what I expected, but it was better than I could have imagined.

“Ex Machina”


Instead of your typical Victorian/Colonial age film from A24 that makes your skin crawl, this one has robots!

Brilliant performances by all involved precisely weave a cautionary tale of AI gone awry. The age-old scientific inquiry, “we can, but should we?” Michael Crichton would be proud! Get ready to have your mind bent, then blown by this masterpiece of science… Fiction? (only because this feels all too real in the not so distant future)

“Let Him Go”


Do you want to be really uncomfortable, then really angry, then really sad? Well, do I have the movie for you!

The beautiful backdrop of the Dakota’s serves as the setting for this menacing tale of family dynamics run amuck. Somewhere between “Taken” and “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” resides this film in Hollywood history. So many warning signs are ignored, and all pay a high price. The title sums it up pretty well. It all boils down to that simple request that turns out to not be so simple.

“Maximum Overdrive”


“If you want something done right, you oughta do it yourself.”

What he doesn’t mention is the Scarface-sized mountain of cocaine that led to this decision. God love him, Stephen does his best. Creates an… interesting film. Get ready to laugh, get kind of weirded out, and then laugh some more. Basically a less dreadful version of Terminator. The machines may come to life, but they only kill you if you’re an imbecile. Crank up the AC/DC, and enjoy the ride.

“The Thing”


Well, the title isn’t lying. There is a thing, and it does some things. Great special effects. Great acting by all involved. The very sense of paranoia we’re all trying to escape nowadays, for two hours put to film. Insanity. Also, the most moist film this side of “Society.” When in doubt, kill it with fire!