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“Love and Monsters”


WAY better than this film had any right to be. A strong message of living your life with a sense of bravery anchored in purpose. Beautiful special effects, world building, and storytelling. A cast with a natural chemistry, perfectly assigned to their roles. All set to a rocking soundtrack with a masterful mix in of classics. Like I said, on paper this makes no sense, but it works beautifully and had me terrified, cheering, tearful, and ultimately satisfied. Glad to still have gems like this one out of the woodwork in the hot mess that is watching movies in 2020.

“Somewhere in Time”


“Someone from a half remembered dream…” <- Different movie, but it sums this one up fairly well.

This one caught me off guard. I was just on a history kick this morning, reading about the Grand Hotel. Fast forward to this afternoon, I’m teary eyed at Superman getting his heart broken by Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman. John Barry (of James Bond fame) knocks it out of the park with the soundtrack that goes over the top in all the right ways to match the emotional swells of the story that unfolds.

The dream-like cinematography was a nice touch, and really added to the aesthetic of the story, which itself is a dream of sorts on the part of both main characters. Playing like a Jane Austen novel, the story checks all of the boxes. Doubly forbidden love (neither the universe nor her evil manager help in any way), a connection that transcends time, and a whirlwind timeline. The backdrop of Mackinac Island is breathtaking, and must have saved the production a small fortune, as the island is a time capsule of the time period in which the story takes place. I now understand why there is a vacation package at the resort for a yearly gathering of appreciation for this film.

The chemistry between the two leads is off the charts! The feeling of deja vu and/or destiny that emanates from the screen is uncanny, and draws the viewer in to the love story, and will leave you yelling at whichever screen you choose to view this on. The film definitely wears its heart on its sleeve. Highly recommend as a hopeless romantic and as a film critic.

Somewhere in Time Weekend

“Words on Bathroom Walls”


Such an emotionally raw film… A harrowing tale of a high school senior not only navigating the treachery of high school, but doing it while also living with Schizophrenia. The relationships between characters was really something to behold. Such complexity, yet such familiarity with each character. It’s been a long time since a film hit me in the feels with such an impact. A few cliches, but important lessons to be learned. An incredible piece of cinema, and a breath of fresh air on the big screen!

“Magic Mike”


Hike up your thong, and saddle up your pony… no new movies meant we eventually had to go here.

Holy weird movie Batman. A behind the scenes look at the world of male exotic dancing. A smarter(?) version of “showgirls”… maybe. The race is about as tight as Dallas’s leather pants.

Amazing choreography. A truly inspiration story about chasing your dreams. And a weird side quest about entrepreneurship and investment in day trading and commercial real estate. And furniture.

“Pretty in Pink”


If you leave
I won’t cry
I won’t waste one single day
But if you leave, don’t look back… I’ll be running the other way…

Oh, sorry. I didn’t see you there. Anyways. Classic 80’s rom-com from the maestro John Hughes. James Spader’s lustrous locks always come as a shock, as he stars alongside his “Mannequin” co-star Andrew McCarthy in this all star lineup. Almost felt bad for Duckie… almost. That blonde he ends up with at the end?!? Molly Ringwald in another perfectly adorkable lead role. Really fires on all cylinders. Not quite “Sixteen Candles” or “The Breakfast Club,” but close.