Category: Throwback

“The Thing”


Well, the title isn’t lying. There is a thing, and it does some things. Great special effects. Great acting by all involved. The very sense of paranoia we’re all trying to escape nowadays, for two hours put to film. Insanity. Also, the most moist film this side of “Society.” When in doubt, kill it with fire!

“Freddy Vs. Jason”


One of the most significant heavyweight bouts of all time! Such a cinematic treat to see these two legends sharing the big screen, shedding blood, and racking up a body count. I can’t imagine how insane this sounded when it came out. Arguably, one of the most substantial entries in both anthologies. Just in time for spooky season. Turn your brain off, and watch let the madness begin!

A well-balanced narrative, pinning the strengths of each against each other. Brain and brawn. Mano a mano. Take a trip down Elm Street, all the way to Camp Crystal Lake. A great time is to be had by all. You won’t want to sleep through this one—especially the end.

“Fired Up!”


“Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.” – John Lennon

Not loving this movie is prohibidado!

In the vein of “American Pie,” “Bring It On,” and “Van Wilder,” our two heroes Nick and Shaun are on a… conquest of sorts, and have the genius idea to skip football camp for cheer camp. Once there, they realize the world of competitive cheer is much more cutthroat than they initially thought. Shaun poops where he eats, and falls for the incomparable Carly. Nick must then help him defeat the knob rocket Doctor Dick to win her heart once and for all. Definitely not the love story you expect to be in this movie looking at it on the surface.

By far one of the strangest films on my all-time favorites list, but a true classic. Super quotable, and endless laughs. Warm up your spirit fingers, and ready your squad for the forbidden Fountain of Troy.

“10 and a half pop-o… 11 in Crocs.”

“Hot Tub Time Machine 2”


Proof that John Cusak is the key to the perfect movie.

This film lacks the magic of the first, but still manages to be hilarious throughout. They embrace the “over the top” formula for bringing back a part 2, and do it in style. “Terminator” car, “Back to the Future” alternate timeline mumbo jumbo… they pull out all the stops. It’s hard to capture lightning in a bottle twice, what can you say?

“Halloween 2” (1981)


Similar to the transition between JAWS and JAWS 2, this film trims the nuance and goes straight for the jugular with straightforward action and creative kills. A continuation of “the night he came home.” A more simplified slasher flick than the comparable thinkpiece that was the original “Halloween.” A great film nonetheless. And really the last one of the original trilogy that made sense.