Category: Throwback

“Miracle Beach”


In the vein of “Mannequin,” but not nearly as good.

I had to use a clip in lieu of a trailer, because the trailer on YouTube contained an honest approximation of unnecessary topless women. Not that I’m necessarily complaining, but it started to take me out of the story and became comical after the first 30 minutes.

The genie, played by the incomparable Ami Dolenz, really carries the movie. She’s the emotional anchor, the comic relief… I wouldn’t doubt she even composed the score.

One of those “this is 3-4 layers deep on prime video and I’m looking for something off the wall, let’s give this a whirl” movies.

“American Gigolo”


Seemed very “Fatal Attraction,” but the genre wasn’t quite as refined yet.

He’s just a gigolo, and everywhere he goes… apparently people are trying to frame him for murder. Luckily, he’s also close friends with some of his clients, and in the world of underground crimes, it’s all about who you know.

A solid crime thriller with way more Richard Gere than I ever expected to see. At least he tries to not look as guilty as Ben Affleck in “Gone Girl.” A for effort.

The soundtrack is also a BANGER!

“Straw Dogs”


Another recommendation of the “Video Archives” podcast with Quentin Tarantino and Roger Avary. Lived up to the hype. The show continues to be a staple in my weekly listening rotation and leads me down some interesting cinematic rabbit holes such as this. A welcomed reprieve from the predictability that can run rampant in todays cinematic releases from time to time.

It’s a very strange film, and takes a while to get going, but once it gets where it’s going… holy crap.

Content warning: not for the faint of heart and beware to those sensitive to sexual assault.

The relationship between the main couple is so tenuous that it takes a while for the viewer to gain their bearing with what’s really going on between the pair. There’s so much subtextual happening the entire runtime that it keeps you in a state of fight or flight from beginning to end. The only clue that comes full circle is the bear trap. You don’t keep a fully operational bear trap on your wall just because…

“The Cutting Edge”


Toe pick!

Well, this one gave me some flashbacks… but are they really flashbacks if you still know the person and still bicker like “the old days?” I digress…

This movie is quirky and a bit cheesy, but perfect in its own weird way. It’s a fantastic feel good rom-com with so many one-liners I couldn’t keep track of them all through the laughter. The story isn’t anything to necessarily write home about, but the cast is perfection, and skate the thin ice between good-bad and just bad like professional figure skaters. A Herculean task that they rise to and exceed. So lace up your skates and sit in on a tight hour and a half of fun with this one!

“Death Spa”


So… it’s kind of a rip-off of “Halloween 2”… but with more aerobics influence and a slightly more “pop” soundtrack. The kills are ridiculous, and a questionable amount of the runtime takes place inside solely the women’s locker room/shower… but that’s to be expected in an 80’s slasher. Ghost woman was an… interesting angle.