Category: Drama

“E.T. The Extra Terrestrial”


Classic Spielberg.

The dynamics between the siblings, newly children of divorce. The soaring John Williams score. The perspective of the camera angles between filming the adults and filming the kids, much like JAWS, provides a subtext that really adds to the realism of the storytelling. The masterfully subtle, yet impactful touch of one of the all time great directors. Only Spielberg could make a creature like E.T. lovable.



Very “Bridge of Spies” or “The Post” for me. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a solid film. But this is the movie that gets nominated for Oscars galore because Tom Hanks is in it. There have been better war movies put out, but this will certainly kill 2 hours of your time, and is an addition to the growing collection of content on AppleTV+. Just seemed pretty safe bet all the way down the checklist.



Brett’s Movie Reviews After Dark… (cue funky bass line)

Is this brilliance? Is this lunacy? One thing’s for sure – Boobs. And… boobs. This is one wild ride, darlin’.

The wholesome story of a small town girl turned Vegas legend? A razor sharp wit filled tale of the dark side of fame and fortune. A movie that almost takes itself so serious that it comes full circle to become parody? All of the above.

For sure, one of the strangest films you will ever see this side of “The Room.” Also a warning that “Saved by the Bell” will never be the same.

DEFINITELY NOT for children, or for the faint of heart. Here’s to my first post that gets taken down on social media. Cheers!

“Love Life”


They had me at Anna Kendrick. A modern love saga telling the tales of dating in 2020. All the crazy, fun, and awkwardness. A great kickoff series for HBO Max. Adorkable to the max.

The emotional journey caught me a bit off guard, and really came together in the end. I can’t wait to see where this goes if there’s a next season. “Sex and the City” updated for millennials. Get ready to shout “just break up already” and “yas girl” at the screen way more than you’d expect of yourself.

“Magic Mike”


Hike up your thong, and saddle up your pony… no new movies meant we eventually had to go here.

Holy weird movie Batman. A behind the scenes look at the world of male exotic dancing. A smarter(?) version of “showgirls”… maybe. The race is about as tight as Dallas’s leather pants.

Amazing choreography. A truly inspiration story about chasing your dreams. And a weird side quest about entrepreneurship and investment in day trading and commercial real estate. And furniture.