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Man can’t get his fellow physicians to believe in germ theory. Gets fired from his job at the hospital.

Man joins a women’s medicine clinic, treating “hysteria” by providing orgasms by hand.

Man injures said hand due to a busy practice.

Man develops the mechanical-electric vibrator after his roommate’s electric muscle massager helps cure his hand and sparks an idea.

I kid you not… that’s the premise of this movie. Loosely based on the life of Joseph Mortimer Granville. Wrapped in a tale of women’s rights and progression of liberalization of a traditional, puritan European culture. It’s just as wild as it sounds, and far better than expected at first glance.

Maggie Gyllenhaal absolutely kills it as a revolutionary who takes over every scene she’s in, and delights as the incomparable Charlotte. A rather stimulating film, if I do say so myself.

“The Outfit”


“A well-tied tie is the first serious step in life.” – Oscar Wilde

I KNEW there was more to the old man than met the eye!

Zoey Deutch got me into the theater. This one-room play put to film that has better twists and turns than most trying to be mystery films kept me there and engaged until the credits rolled. It was like “Phantom Thread” meets “Goodfellas,” and I was all-in. The actors all do a superb job of slowly revealing their true selves and motives and keep the audience guessing almost until the film’s final frame. It was indeed a work of art.

“Book Club”


Some will think I’m crazy for this score, but that’s what the comment section’s for. I’ve always had a soft spot for this one.

A hilarious premise gets a warm depth built around it with the relationships between the four friends and their respective gents. Each couple’s arch is played as well as cast to perfection.

This film gets to the more profound meaning better than most and tackles an array of insights with relative ease. It’s one I left the theater rather inspired by. Glad to see it hasn’t lost any of its charms since then.

“The King of Staten Island”


I’m torn on this one.

I would have loved this one if it had not been for the excessive runtime. It just dragged on about a half-hour too long. For most of it, I felt like I got a look into the unlikely charm of Pete Davidson. I found him likable until I got too much of him and could then feel my IQ dropping precipitously by the minute. Everything just felt overplayed by the time the credits rolled. It crosses the line from entertainment to therapy sessions after a while.

All of that said, the wrestling match with Bill Burr was amazing. We might get to see a replay of it, but with Kayne here in the next week or so.