Category: Action

“Love and Monsters”


WAY better than this film had any right to be. A strong message of living your life with a sense of bravery anchored in purpose. Beautiful special effects, world building, and storytelling. A cast with a natural chemistry, perfectly assigned to their roles. All set to a rocking soundtrack with a masterful mix in of classics. Like I said, on paper this makes no sense, but it works beautifully and had me terrified, cheering, tearful, and ultimately satisfied. Glad to still have gems like this one out of the woodwork in the hot mess that is watching movies in 2020.

“Honest Thief”


… and you thought you hated Jai Courtney before. Sheesh, this guy can’t catch a break on exclusively playing unlikeable characters.

Liam Neeson does Liam Neeson things. This time, his girlfriend is taken, blowing up his plans for a normal life. Kate Walsh does a fantastic job as Liam’s accomplice, as does Jeffrey Donovan as his enabler at the Bureau. Strap in, and watch everything go boom in this edge of your seat thriller. Then, get ready to go “awe…” right before the credits roll. It’s a wild ride.



Almost all the way through the Christopher Nolan cinematic universe. Pretty fitting this is coming out late at night, given the title.

No one does manic like Al Pacino. Walking that fine line between genius and insanity. And an absolute masterclass performance by Robin Williams… as a villain! He plays it straight, and it works. No goofball in this character, only sinister intent. Nolan really has a knack for casting to subvert expectations of us moviegoers. Keeps you on the edge of your seat until the very end. My money is still on us finding out that all Christopher Nolan movies are connected in the end. We’ll have a “saw”-type flashback montage showing how they all connect. Book it.

This film, similar to “Memento,” is an integral stepping stone in a legendary director’s journey honing his craft. The storytelling, casting, and cinematography being further refined as the resume grows over time.



Just when you thought your brain had recovered from “Inception”… here comes another Christopher Nolan masterpiece to sufficiently bend your mind back into a pretzel. A cinematic masterpiece, that is best enjoyed on the biggest IMAX screen you can find.

John David Washington cements himself as a quintessential leading man, action hero, and all around generational talent. Robert Pattinson’s performance will leave you fired up for his take on the dark knight. Their camaraderie is infectious. Their charm infectious.

I myself spent a majority of the second viewing with my jaw on the floor. There is so much detail in every frame of this film, it was truly breathtaking. The stunts are awe-inspiring, and I can’t wait for the special features explaining how they achieved some of them.

Forwards and backwards, this film is AMAZING. But make sure you have time to focus, time to emotionally prepare and recover, and an empty bladder. The 2.5 hour runtime didn’t feel it’s true length, but was well worth every second. WOW.