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Holy crap… despite my love of roller coasters, I’m deathly afraid of heights. This movie spends most of the runtime atop a rusting retired TV tower as the two main characters make every attempt to accidentally meet their demise. Needless to say, it took a couple years off my life as I squirmed, jumped, and kept my eyes closed through certain passages. Still catching my breath.

Aside from the personal drama, the movie was quite good at what it set out to do, which was present a great action thriller. Tight hour and a half run time, just enough story to hold the action together, and a hellacious twist that I should have seen coming. (Facepalm)

“Minions: The Rise of Gru”


Much better than expected! A fun, tight hour and a half comedy that kept me either giggling or flat out laughing to myself.

The boys are back for another wacky adventure that see Gru get his ass in a bind that the 3 stooges much make worse, then get him out of.

Despite the predictable story, there’s a lot of charm and genuine entertainment here, in addition to a rocking soundtrack!

Bonus – there was no roving gang of suit clad chads in my showing! Win-win!

“Thor: Love & Thunder”


Taika Waititi kills it again with a romantic comedy of all things! Who woulda thunk it?

The director who does comedy best also injects a surprising amount of heart into the god of thunder. The cast absolutely nails the characters and their respective arks, especially Christian Bale as the best villain this side of Thanos and Loki. We get the return of Jane! And an army of children who don’t go down like the punks in Star Wars… which might be because Thor is a better mentor than Anakin.

Sit back, crank the Guns N’ Roses, and enjoy this refreshing installment post-infinity saga, that actually feels like Marvel has its bearings for two hours.

… and a goat. Two goats to be exact.

“Everything, Everywhere, All at Once”


Your move, Dr. Strange. The bar has been set for multiverse movies.

I’m still not precisely positive about how to explain this A24 home run, other than to say you will cycle through all the feels by the time the credits roll. A wonderful tale of family, the meaning of life, and our relationship with others is a wonderfully whimsical adventure across the dimensions to drive the points home. A lot of this runtime will be spent with your jaw on the ground. They take a lot of risks, and they all pay off in the end. Keep up the great work, A24!

Side note – The song you can’t quite place that serves as the film’s title theme is “Absolutely” by Nine Days. Makes about as much sense as everything else. It is, after all… a story of a girl…



For the love of all that is holy… WHO GAVE MICHAEL BAY A DRONE?!?

When this heist goes sideways, our two main characters will commandeer an ambulance and go on a tight quarters drama draped in a Michael Bay action thriller for the ages. In all seriousness, they could not have cast this any better or picked a better director. Just enough story to hold everything together and give Bay an excuse to blow up half of the city of Los Angeles.

It could have been 20-30 minutes shorter, but that would have taken away one too many explosions and unnecessary gunfights, apparently. So turn your brain off and watch the sirens go “whoo!” and everything else go “boom!”