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I’ll save you two hours of your life. Remember the whackadoodle notion that the U.S. was going to buy Greenland? This movie is just as, if not more baffling.

So few f**ks were given, Gerard Butler is Scottish for half of the movie… and his character’s from Florida.

Get ready to snooze your way through the most boring, cheap, light on everything possibly cool disaster movie, where the biggest disaster is that it didn’t end a half hour earlier. Honestly, go watch “Airplane!” or “San Andreas” instead.

“Wonder Woman 1984”


I expected so much more…

I loved the first Wonder Woman for its nuance and perfectly balanced touch when it came to filmmaking. It was everything that the other DC movies weren’t. You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.

So many great ideas and scenes, left undeveloped. So much potential, wasted. So much… runtime. So much… 1980s for no reason.

Third time’s the charm, right?



A masterclass in suspenseful filmmaking. The action is razor-focused. The characters are developed in a way that beautifully balances depth with intrigue.

All three leads fit perfectly within their characters. Emily Blunt serves well as a stand-in for the audience, playing off the other characters as she peels back each menacing layer of the narrative onion. Josh Brolin plays the charismatic bad(?) guy that you can’t help but get behind from time to time. Benicio Del Torro has an immense presence on the screen, serving as a man of few words who speaks volumes with the little dialogue he does have. He really serves as the mooring in reality and sanity for the story in the end, as the only consistent character. Even if he is consistently sinister with just enough heart and logic behind him that you go “I kinda get it.”

A thought-provoking film, regardless of your politics and level of violence tolerance. Nuance that is often lacking in today’s storytelling. Plus, the score is amazing. Highly recommend.

“Ex Machina”


Instead of your typical Victorian/Colonial age film from A24 that makes your skin crawl, this one has robots!

Brilliant performances by all involved precisely weave a cautionary tale of AI gone awry. The age-old scientific inquiry, “we can, but should we?” Michael Crichton would be proud! Get ready to have your mind bent, then blown by this masterpiece of science… Fiction? (only because this feels all too real in the not so distant future)