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Just when you thought your brain had recovered from “Inception”… here comes another Christopher Nolan masterpiece to sufficiently bend your mind back into a pretzel. A cinematic masterpiece, that is best enjoyed on the biggest IMAX screen you can find.

John David Washington cements himself as a quintessential leading man, action hero, and all around generational talent. Robert Pattinson’s performance will leave you fired up for his take on the dark knight. Their camaraderie is infectious. Their charm infectious.

I myself spent a majority of the second viewing with my jaw on the floor. There is so much detail in every frame of this film, it was truly breathtaking. The stunts are awe-inspiring, and I can’t wait for the special features explaining how they achieved some of them.

Forwards and backwards, this film is AMAZING. But make sure you have time to focus, time to emotionally prepare and recover, and an empty bladder. The 2.5 hour runtime didn’t feel it’s true length, but was well worth every second. WOW.

“New Mutants”


Go figure. Fox finally got the X-Men figured out and had an interesting launch point. Just in time for the studio to be bought out, the movie to be delayed for years, and for the film to finally come out when it no longer made sense narratively or tonally. Such promise, wasted for the most part. The perfect film to bury as the first major US release post-COVID cinema shutdown. The characters all have great backstories, intriguing powers, and a great dynamic that they develop as fellow test subjects/prisoners. All for not. Definitely worth a watch for fans of originality and of the X-Men franchise. If for no other reason, for the conspiracy laden “what-if” theories that are sure to plague this franchise for years to come.



Very “Bridge of Spies” or “The Post” for me. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a solid film. But this is the movie that gets nominated for Oscars galore because Tom Hanks is in it. There have been better war movies put out, but this will certainly kill 2 hours of your time, and is an addition to the growing collection of content on AppleTV+. Just seemed pretty safe bet all the way down the checklist.