Category: Action

“The Green Knight”


Well, that was… something.

Clearly based on a fable from the days of old, this film embraces A24’s “what the hell did I just watch?” method of filmmaking. You may not fully understand what it is that you just watched, but I can assure you that you will leave absolutely fascinated by it. Also, maybe a little disturbed. If I had to come up with a motto for this film, it would be “drunk decisions often lead to the best adventures.”

“The King’s Man”


The prequel no one asked for, but looking back, should have been asking for.

The origin story of the Kingsman, an eloquently told family drama intertwined with global geopolitics affected by international family drama, wrapped in one of the slickest action films of the year. The directing, cinematography, and choreography are off the chart and exceed the already high bar of the Kingsman franchise. Prepare to be thoroughly entertained for two hours by a political drama. I’m as surprised as you are I just said that. However, if you drench it in scotch, high tea, and high octane adrenaline, you have a hit on your hands. Rasputin is the least interesting part of this, and that’s saying something. Well worth the wait through multiple delays to finally see this action-packed masterpiece on the big screen. Too bad that D-Box motion seats are no longer a fad. This movie would have been INSANE in one of those!

“Venom: Let There Be Carnage”


How about “let Marvel finally handle this character and stop mismanaging the cinematic universe?”

I really don’t like crapping on movies. They tried. Everyone here tried. They just missed the mark. I enjoyed many pieces of this film, but in the end the short runtime was my favorite thing.

I think they were going for the Marvel quippy, but it ended up just being silly in most instances. A lot of half baked plots and funny scenes that don’t add up to anything. Fun to watch, but not a great film overall. Happy to see the post-credit scene, and hope it means brighter days ahead for this character.

“No Time to Die”


Possibly the best James Bond Film. Definitely one of the most James Bond films.

There are other films in the franchise that do a better job at one aspect or another, but none that fire on all cylinders quite like this one. My favorite aspect was the human aspect they brought to Bond. For the first time, I can remember, James Bond had depth. No longer an enigma, we actually get to see below the surface of 007, making for a much more impactful movie. It’s made for a much more impactful series with Daniel Craig in the tux. I got misty-eyed at a James Bond movie.

The cinematography breathtakingly highlights a globetrotting slate of locales. The action is razor-sharp, the fights beautifully choreographed. Hans Zimmer on the soundtrack was a fantastic choice. He brings his signature flair to the classics but still keeps everything grounded in the traditional Bond themes we all know and love.

We couldn’t have asked for a better send-off for Daniel Craig as Bond. Honestly, I would be comfortable with this being the finale at Bond 25. Bravo!

“Free Guy”


This is the movie of the year, as far as I’m concerned.

You think I’ve lost my mind, I know… Well, I’m completely lucid and in love with this movie. I expected a fun hour and a half of laughing along with unmasked Deadpool. You know what? I got a profound story about purpose in life, adventure, artificial intelligence, ethics, and a fantastic action film. All with just the right amount of ridiculousness, cameos, and appearances by Disney intellectual property. It adds to the story with finesse, instead of beating you over the head with sensory overload like “Ready Player One.”

Perfect cast, all in the ideal roles, with an excellent story. Told through rich cinematography that feels much more lifelike than the videogame most of the story takes place in. The grounding of the story is a love story, and it being the last one you expect left me blown away and singing the praises of this film I had to wait over a year for. Much more worth the wait than “New Mutants.”

Honestly, this thing fires on all cylinders and will leave you moved and inspired. Bravo!