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“Free Guy”


This is the movie of the year, as far as I’m concerned.

You think I’ve lost my mind, I know… Well, I’m completely lucid and in love with this movie. I expected a fun hour and a half of laughing along with unmasked Deadpool. You know what? I got a profound story about purpose in life, adventure, artificial intelligence, ethics, and a fantastic action film. All with just the right amount of ridiculousness, cameos, and appearances by Disney intellectual property. It adds to the story with finesse, instead of beating you over the head with sensory overload like “Ready Player One.”

Perfect cast, all in the ideal roles, with an excellent story. Told through rich cinematography that feels much more lifelike than the videogame most of the story takes place in. The grounding of the story is a love story, and it being the last one you expect left me blown away and singing the praises of this film I had to wait over a year for. Much more worth the wait than “New Mutants.”

Honestly, this thing fires on all cylinders and will leave you moved and inspired. Bravo!



This is one of those monumental films that suffers from its own success. Similar to “Psycho,” “Halloween,” or “JAWS,” it kicks off a revolution of a genre and reimagines the craft of cinema, but then is copied so much that it eventually becomes a watered-down version of itself. I saw so many action tropes in this film and was reminded of the late 90’s action boom and the grandness of epics such as the Dark Knight trilogy, “Titanic,” and “Pearl Harbor.”

This film separates itself because the cast is so overflowing with talent than it does the micro exceptionally well. The intimate, deeply personal scenes, such as the scene in the coffee shop between Pacino and De Niro, are just as awe-inspiring as the grand scale action scenes. The heists and shootouts are some of the best tension-filled directing I’ve seen in quite some time. Shout-out to the Amazon Val Kilmer biopic “Val,” for leading me to this gem!

“New Order”

“Parasite,” but with guns.

Instead of the class war only affecting a household, strap in and get ready to spend the next hour and a half trying not to spill your popcorn as you rush to turn away from a story that turns extremely violent exceptionally quickly. As the country collapses, we follow this family and their… employees… into the madness and the darkness. We watch the growing pains of a nation in transition as one governing party is overthrown and a new one violently installed through force—the struggle between new money and old money. A countries government is in turmoil, under the thumb of a much larger, more sinister old guard that wields the true power. The ending was not at all what I expected when shit began to hit the fan about 20 minutes in. I’m not sure anyone’s a winner in this one.

All things considered, a solid political thriller with well directed action and drama.



Seeing as J Lo is making a comeback this week… “Anaconda.”

Were they really trying to riff on “Apocalypse Now?” Hahahahahahaha

If you’re looking for a ridiculous creature feature from the late 1990’s ripping off a horror classic, go watch “Deep Blue Sea.”

Honestly, almost everything was a miss for me on this one. The cast, the plot, the execution. It worked well as a comedy, but I don’t think that’s what anyone was aiming for.

“Escape Room 2: Tournament of Champions”


If you enjoyed the first one, you’ll enjoy this one.

They borrow an awful lot here… and still manage to crank up the “meh” factor. The “is this the real world or a trap/dream” that Wes Craven perfected with “A Nightmare on Elm Street.” The traps of “Saw.” The “oh no, it’s not really the end” ending that EVERY HORROR MOVIE attempts, but “Ghost Ship” probably perfected. The biggest thing for me was that I did not care about any of these characters… It’s similar to “Saw.” You don’t really care that they die, only that their death is cool.

For your enjoyment, I’ve included some of my favorite non-endings in horror. Let me know if I’ve missed some.