Category: Blockbuster

“The Rock”


Strap in and prepare for the movie Michael Bay was born to direct! Action from the very first frame to the last. Explosions and testosterone galore. All set to the backdrop of pure patriotism. One of Nicholas Cage’s finest performances, with just the right amount of manic. Sean Connery bringing an unrivaled level of sophistication and class to the screen. Ed Harris playing the ultimate bad guy you understand and sometimes almost root for. An epic film, from an epic time in American cinema.

Side note: they just don’t make trailers like this anymore.

“Call of the Wild”


Can an animated dog win best actor at the Oscars? If so, Buck needs to be the first. He even brought ornery old man Harrison Ford to life in a way that hasn’t been seen in years. Thoroughly impressed by this film chuck full of gorgeous wildlife, rich characters (even the animated creatures) and a story that elicits genuine emotions from viewers. Everything from laughter to the tear jerking moments. Never thought I’d shed a tear over an animated dog movie, but here we are…

“Fanstasy Island”


Better than I could have fantasized! A intricate story, with well crafted twists and smart use of special effects and tension made for another Blumhouse home run in my book! Fans of the classic show and fans of modern horror alike will find themselves thoroughly entertained and impressed. “Not everything is what it seems” is just the beginning as the fantasies turn to nightmares before your very eyes. Strap in, and enjoy the haunting images set against a strikingly gorgeous tropical backdrop. Think “couples retreat” meets “saw.”

“Birds of Prey”


Solid superhero film from DC. The tone feels more “Suicide Squad” than “Dark Knight” or “Joker,” but it works. Margot Robbie fully comes into her own as the character, and really starts to embrace the chaos and take over the screen. Everyone in the film really seemed to enjoy playing the off the wall characters, which really comes across. Solid standalone. She’s Harley F**king Quinn, and she’s here to party!