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A masterclass in suspenseful filmmaking. The action is razor-focused. The characters are developed in a way that beautifully balances depth with intrigue.

All three leads fit perfectly within their characters. Emily Blunt serves well as a stand-in for the audience, playing off the other characters as she peels back each menacing layer of the narrative onion. Josh Brolin plays the charismatic bad(?) guy that you can’t help but get behind from time to time. Benicio Del Torro has an immense presence on the screen, serving as a man of few words who speaks volumes with the little dialogue he does have. He really serves as the mooring in reality and sanity for the story in the end, as the only consistent character. Even if he is consistently sinister with just enough heart and logic behind him that you go “I kinda get it.”

A thought-provoking film, regardless of your politics and level of violence tolerance. Nuance that is often lacking in today’s storytelling. Plus, the score is amazing. Highly recommend.


Definition – existing before a war, especially : existing before the American Civil War.

Now I understand why the band shouldn’t have used it in the first place. Good lord, don’t they hire PR teams to say ”probably not the best idea.”

Back to the movie… Get ready to get uncomfortable, but in a productive way. If this film doesn’t make you uncomfortable, there is another conversation to be had. Janelle Monáe kills it as our two main characters. An absolute powerhouse performance.

The cinematography is downright breathtaking. The score is perfectly complementing the visual elements. The attention to detail, second to none. So many easter eggs to be discovered within almost every frame, driving you to a second viewing to immerse yourself in every nuanced “a-ha” moment fully. Hauntingly beautiful comes to mind.

You won’t expect or believe what you see upon first viewing. The film wasn’t at all what I expected, but it was better than I could have imagined.

“Love and Monsters”


WAY better than this film had any right to be. A strong message of living your life with a sense of bravery anchored in purpose. Beautiful special effects, world building, and storytelling. A cast with a natural chemistry, perfectly assigned to their roles. All set to a rocking soundtrack with a masterful mix in of classics. Like I said, on paper this makes no sense, but it works beautifully and had me terrified, cheering, tearful, and ultimately satisfied. Glad to still have gems like this one out of the woodwork in the hot mess that is watching movies in 2020.



Just when you thought your brain had recovered from “Inception”… here comes another Christopher Nolan masterpiece to sufficiently bend your mind back into a pretzel. A cinematic masterpiece, that is best enjoyed on the biggest IMAX screen you can find.

John David Washington cements himself as a quintessential leading man, action hero, and all around generational talent. Robert Pattinson’s performance will leave you fired up for his take on the dark knight. Their camaraderie is infectious. Their charm infectious.

I myself spent a majority of the second viewing with my jaw on the floor. There is so much detail in every frame of this film, it was truly breathtaking. The stunts are awe-inspiring, and I can’t wait for the special features explaining how they achieved some of them.

Forwards and backwards, this film is AMAZING. But make sure you have time to focus, time to emotionally prepare and recover, and an empty bladder. The 2.5 hour runtime didn’t feel it’s true length, but was well worth every second. WOW.

“E.T. The Extra Terrestrial”


Classic Spielberg.

The dynamics between the siblings, newly children of divorce. The soaring John Williams score. The perspective of the camera angles between filming the adults and filming the kids, much like JAWS, provides a subtext that really adds to the realism of the storytelling. The masterfully subtle, yet impactful touch of one of the all time great directors. Only Spielberg could make a creature like E.T. lovable.