Category: Blockbuster

“Jaws 2”


Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water…

The first one was just too good… they had to make a second one, right?

In one of Hollywood’s better sequels, Universal made the accidentally genius decision to switch to an action oriented director, who took this film in a different enough direction from the first that it actually works really well. The helicopter scene is a thing of beauty, cheesy as it may be. Chief Brody comes back for another round with his finned foe. The action gets cranked up to an 11, and you see A LOT of the shark in this one. A well executed follow-up to a legend, that stands the test of time.



All time favorite. As close to a perfect movie as they get in my career as a cinephile.

All time great score, all time perfect cast. Paradigm shifting cinematic craft exhibited by all involved converged by happy accident to create one of the most storied summer blockbusters of all time. What should have been a cheesy, forgettable tale of a goofy mechanical shark turned out to be a juggernaut that would launch many legendary careers and inspire generations to come.

With just two notes and a shark that couldn’t swim… history was made.

“Ready Player One”


I’ll admit, I rate this one higher than most. Call me a sucker for Spielberg’s signature wonder set to an Alan Silvestri score. I’ve loved this movie since the first time being blown away seeing it in IMAX. Not only is it one of the most beautifully rendered CGI films I’ve ever seen, but my heart was warmed by the attention to detail as every frame was filled with film references that had me going “No way! That’s ____!!! From ____!!!” almost the entire runtime. Strong story, strong casting, and no shortage of action. Adding to the score, was a soundtrack overflowing with deep cuts you couldn’t help but groove to.

The “Back to the Future” nod in the score gave me chills! It was almost as subtle as the DeLorean and Doc Brown cameo in “A Million Ways to Die in the West.” It’s the little things…

“The Prestige”


Rick and Morty led me here… no one could have prepared me for that finale. The master of time bending Christopher Nolan at the height of his powers in this puzzle box of a film he’s now known for. A stunning reveal at every twist and turn. A fantastic cast. Pure showmanship, akin to the magicians in the story. Sit back and wait to be wowed.



There’s a bomb… on a bus.

Short, sweet, and to the point. Much like this movie. “Speed” walked so “John Wick” could run. The entire cast rocks it in this fast paced (pun intended) thriller. Another man with a phone and taste for revenge who terrorizes society with a sinister plot endangering an aspect of everyday life. Things go fast, and things go boom. Great directing keeps things paced just right, with just the right dash of humor to let off the gas before the next buildup.