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Far better than expected, and I had high hopes. Another Blumhouse homerun.

The beauty of the horror genre is its ability to serve as a conversational vessel, presenting subject matter that we typically cannot stomach in a palatable manner to help spur further conversation. This film dive into child psychology, grief, love, loss, attachment theory, and the ethics of artificial intelligence in much more depth than any hour and a half academic lecture could ever dream of.

The storytelling is razor-sharp, and the actresses Jenna Davis and Amie Donald deserve Oscars for their portrayal of our favorite animatronic adolescent. Violet McGraw is also an amazing talent with a hopefully bright future in Hollywood. There were moments of terrorized laughter throughout the runtime with this one. It was either laughing at the absurdity or being terrified by how closely it resembles recent/current events. Similar to the “Terminator” franchise, this film forces the audience to question “should we really chase convenience at all costs?” and “should we really trust machines programmed by imperfect humans?” Ponder those existential questions while enjoying this excellent horror film.

P.S. This is my 500th review! It’s been one hell of a ride. I can’t wait to see where we go in the years to come! Thank you to everyone who entertains my ramblings.



This score excludes everything after season 2. The first 2 seasons of this show are nothing short of brilliant, and the other Nolan brother at the height of his complex storytelling powers. The second two seasons made me sad, and left me not sad that they cancelled the show and took it off HBO Max. The premise, acting, and the twists of the first 2 seasons are amazing. The first season finale being one of my all-time favorite HBO episodes.

“Avatar: The Way of Water”


If you enjoyed the first one, you’ll love this one.

The story itself isn’t much to write home about, but let’s be honest, that’s not why you’re here. We’re all here in front of the biggest screen we could find (preferably IMAX) to watch this in 3D because it’s the most beautiful film since “Interstellar.” Similarly, the special effects are scary good. The CGI water is so realistic it will have you questioning reality. It makes almost all other CGI since the original seem like a waste of time. In a word – breathtaking. So much so, you’ll forgive the director for wandering of for 45 minutes in the middle to just show off the technical capabilities of the special effects studio.

Story-wise, I couldn’t help but applaud the “homages” to other classic films such as (as quickly as I could mentally note): JAWS, Moby Dick, Fast and the Furious, Avatar, Titanic (including the exact score and shot of the flooding hallway), Blackfish, Interstellar, and so many more. But again, it’s so damn beautiful and well done, you’ll forgive it. In summary, it’s a story about family. Wrapped in a story about the importance of love as a cornerstone of humanity, similar to “Interstellar.”

The third act makes it all worth it, as Cameron revisits his action directing chops and delivers a superb final 45 minutes that leaves you on the edge of your seat cheering for number three. A true master of his craft, even if he only delivers one film per decade.



Maybe not Jordan Peele’s best organized film, but definitely him at the height of his powers. There are 3 or 4 great storylines here. My only complaint is that a couple of the threads are left hanging. other than the narrative shortcomings, it somehow pulls off the sci-fi western!

That being said, this is, technically speaking, a masterpiece. Both small and large scale sets, dramatic scenes and suspenseful scenes that make you feel like you’re on the verge of a coronary. One of the best suspense sequences and one of the most unsettling opening scenes and side quests I’ve seen on the big screen in quite some time.

All tied together with the patented Jordan Peele grand lesson to be learned that effortlessly comes across and earns its impact, as opposed to feeling at all preachy. Bravo to all involved!

P.S. One of the best “nope” scenes I’ve ever seen in a horror movie.