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Wow… between this and “Chernobyl”… HBO’s docuseries are knocking it out of the park! The characters and story here are the stuff Hollywood only dreams about. Agent Matthews steals the show, though. He was born to break this case. You’ll spend six episodes on the edge of your seat, waiting for the next twist and turn to this epic tale of deceit. You’ll also never look at McDonalds or Monopoly the same way ever again.

“Miss Americana”


If you’ve seen one “behind the music,” you’ve seen ‘em all… the top of the mountain is lonely, the star(s) surround themselves with bobble head yes-people. They trade normal life and aspirations for fame and fortune. They all feel like “they’re the only one who’s ever had to go through this.” Want to take a stand, but either a) overestimate their influence on the world around them or b) underestimate the cost of decisions. Wanting the best of both worlds. Fascinating to see how destructive fame and success can be…

“JoJo Rabbit”


Really didn’t know what I was walking into… still not sure what the hell that was walking out. A touching, yet gruesome, and occasionally laugh out loud coming of age story… about a Hitler youth. Whose imaginary friend is the fuhrer himself. Can’t make this shit up. All together, a surprisingly good film. Definitely out in left field, but that’s what director Taika Waititi does best.