Category: Rom-Com

“Good Luck Chuck”


Always a bridesmaid, never a bride.

The male equivalent to “27 dresses,” locked and loaded with Dan Fogler playing his signature raunchy sidekick that makes even Dane Cook seem sweet.

Jessica Alba kills it as Cam, and the penguin angle is perfect for the story. They are a perfect analogy for this love story. A little awkward, but that just makes them even more adorable and likable. The pinnacle of the Dane Cook wave, and has a well-earned spot in his standup act as a punchline even modern day.

No comment on any parallels between this film and the real life adventures of your favorite internet movie reviewer.

“Employee of the Month”


It isn’t always about getting the girl. Sure, that’s an added bonus, but sometimes it’s more about who we become along the way in becoming a better person to pursue the girl that turns out to be the real prize.

Another Dane Cook renaissance film with a surprising depth to it and heartfelt message. Full of inappropriate jokes and a rivalry for the ages, putting our hero against Dax Shepard.

“My Best Friend’s Girl”


They all like ‘em a little bad…

This movie is as hilarious as Kate Hudson is hot. The Dane Cook leading man trilogy was one hell of a time to be alive. There’s some timeless wisdom in this one, buried deep underneath the surface. Much like the hopeless romantic, buried deep beneath the abrasive exterior of Tank.



It’s all fun and games until your car ends up in a lake and some yoga instructors trying to host private lessons with your wife.

Paul Rudd and Jennifer Anniston at the height of their powers, leading a fantastic supporting cast in creating comedic gold in this one. Everyone plays their part perfectly and the story is just the right amount of strange. I found it hilarious, yet totally believable in a weird way.

“Ticket to Paradise”


I was a little worried in the first act with this one. They heavily overplay their shtick of “divorced couple who hates each other.” However, they pull out of the tailspin just in time to recover and make this a really sweet love story mirroring another love story, set inside a family drama-comedy. Similar to “Couples Retreat,” this film uses the tropical locale and all-star cast to its advantage, but doesn’t make it feel like cheating.

Julia Roberts and George Clooney end up having a great chemistry, and Clooney turns the charm up to 11. Nothing short of expectations there. Partially a “turn your brain off and enjoy the cheese factor” movie, but a great popcorn flick.