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“The F**k it List”


They had me at Madison Iseman, but then the main character’s name is Brett?!? I’m in.

Instead of COVID, get ready to catch a case of the fuck-its.

A tale as old as time, a la “The Graduate.” A straight-A student pondering their life choices as they reach a major crossroads in their life. Once they get a taste of freedom, they throw caution to the wind and dive in. A timely update of the premise, with the main character becoming internet famous. Gary Vee would be proud.

For a newfound care-free fellow, he sure is hung up on his longtime crush. This took me out of it for a minute, as I questioned his dedication to his cause. Then I remembered my own falling into that bear trap, and decided to not fault him for having a soft spot for the feisty hot mess who keeps him in check and reminds him of a young naive Brett from two weeks ago. Sometimes, it’s time to make the “crazy” choice, and enjoy the ride.

A well balanced film, heart-laugh ratio wise. The natural beauty of the California coast on full display. A valuable lesson hidden in a fresh presentation. Well done.



The strangest love story this side of “Warm Bodies,” this film is an explosive good time. Also, a great metaphor for how schools and the government are handling COVID, and the rebellious spirit of high schoolers caught in the middle of it trying to live their lives. Katherine Langford and Charlie Plummer rock it as leads and lovebirds. (Also highly recommend Plummer in “Words on Bathroom Walls.”) a pleasant surprise out of left field in the depths of the iTunes movie section. Gotta live life to the fullest before you spontaneously depart our dimension.

Any chance to rock out to The Hooter’s “And We Danced” is a win in my book.

“Love, Guaranteed”


That’s awful ballsy… guaranteeing something as complex and unpredictable as love? Netflix is drunk on power. Fortunately, this is the genre they do best, so it turns out alright. Short and sweet enough to cause a toothache, you’ll want this on repeat like the Tiffany song that plays non-stop in Susan’s adorable car. The story is predictable as all get out, but you can’t help but get sucked in by how adorable it is. It’s an interesting twist, using a dating site as the macguffin to get these two broken hearts to come together under unlikely circumstances. Heather Graham is keeping it evil with this villain streak she’s had going on lately, but it works.

I will never not love Damon Wayans Jr., but Rachel Leigh Cook played off of him really well in this, and there’s a true chemistry that takes the story to a whole other level. From the meet-cute to the “oh hell no, she did not just snub him even though she knows she loves him” moment, this is just what the doctor ordered in the bubble gum entertainment market. I’m forever grateful an entertainment company picked up the baton and has continued the storied history of this genre.

Now, if I can only get this song out of my head…

“The Broken Hearts Gallery”


This girl has worse taste in dating partners than yours truly…Good lord.

A throwback to a time in the cinema when these mid-budget romantic comedies were a thing of beauty on the silver screen, not monopolized by Netflix. So many laughs. So many “awe” moments. So many “just dump his ass already!” moments. A definite hidden gem, if you can find your way to a socially distanced multiplex or drive in. A fairly fresh take on an age old genre. Very well done!