Category: Rom-Com

“The Sweetest Thing”


Hey! It’s the guy from “Hung” on HBO! In a movie about as worthy of a parental warning as “Hung.”

I love Cameron Diaz, so this was going to be a winner in my book. The classic “someone with a guarded heart meets their kryptonite” love story with a fun road trip movie mixed in for good measure. The film did get a little in the weeds when it tried to be a musical a couple of times but got back on track to check all of the classic rom-com boxes by the time the credits rolled. The title is spot-on. This film is all frosting and will satisfy your sweet tooth.

The whole thing emits a strong sense of disarming charm. It’s a wonderful, “turn your brain off and watch the unlikely couple fall in love” film.

“Something Borrowed”


As a romantic comedy connoisseur, I really hate to do this, but here we go…

This movie is asinine. (I contemplated a f**k filled review, but then Facebook doesn’t like me)

Why did Dex ever get with Darcy in the first place? Why did Rachel stay friends with Darcy after she hijacked a first date and stole Dax? Why did Dax never ask questions? Why is anyone friends with Darcy? How are Rachel and Dax successful as lawyers? They fold like cheap lawn chairs under the slightest pressure. How in the hell does Rachel actually take Dax back after everything? How was THAT a happily ever after? This movie just pissed me off for the entire runtime. But I trudged through it, so you might not have to.

John Krasinski is the only redeeming character here. And the movie takes great pleasure in narratively kicking him in the testicles at every turn. These 2 hours were more painful than watching him wait years for Pam.



Think “The Hangover,” but in California wine country with only two friends. And one is an insufferable author. It’s fun to see these two play off each other. The eternal optimist and the eternal Eeyore.

The story is pretty predictable, the soundtrack is the same one you get with every other rom-com from this era, but the laughs are plentiful. Pour yourself a nice Merlot (I’m a Bourdeaux guy myself), sit back, and relax while enjoying this tale of these two gents getting their grapes crushed by life.

“Long Weekend”


Can we please stop making time travel movies? Please. It’s becoming too much of a good thing.

This movie in particular didn’t even really need it. The chemistry was wonderfully done, the story was sharp and had a nice depth to it. I just… the time travel crap took me out of it until the third act twist brought me back in and rescued this from sinking into the 6’s. The ending was amazing and tied up the loose ends, contextualizing everything that had been driving me insane for the first 2/3 of the movie. The beginning feels a bit like a dream, as you’re dropped into an already moving narrative, which you then go “awe,” then “what is going on,” then “no freaking way! That’s what was going on!” then back to “awe.” Seemed like a Netflix flick on the big screen. A throwback to the olden days of having to see this genre in a theater. (One of those buildings with the big screens and popcorn)

“Bad Cupid”


Better than “Bad Santa.” Infinitely more endearing. The story is clunky as hell, and it really doesn’t get moving or come together in any meaningful way until the final 20 minutes, but it had a bit of a message in there somewhere—deep, deep within the narrative onion.