Category: Rom-Com

“Palm Springs”


That was a fun hour and a half! This may be my favorite “Groundhog Day” / “We get stuck in a time loop” movie. I am thoroughly impressed. Andy Samberg and Cristin Milioti (the mom from “How I Met Your Mother”) have legitimate chemistry and rock both the romantic and comedy of this rom-com for the ages! JK Simmons has the cameo of the summer. Everything about this is a win. An all around fun movie, with a lot of heart and a lot of laughs. Here’s to finding that special someone you’d get stuck in an infinite time loop with.

“Love Life”


They had me at Anna Kendrick. A modern love saga telling the tales of dating in 2020. All the crazy, fun, and awkwardness. A great kickoff series for HBO Max. Adorkable to the max.

The emotional journey caught me a bit off guard, and really came together in the end. I can’t wait to see where this goes if there’s a next season. “Sex and the City” updated for millennials. Get ready to shout “just break up already” and “yas girl” at the screen way more than you’d expect of yourself.

“Long Shot”

Never thought I’d shed a tear during a Seth Rogen film, but here we are… a true long shot, but he sinks it! This was a wonderful film, with a great message. Brilliant comes to mind. Appreciating authenticity, and taking risks for what we truly care about. Mixed in with the same 4th grade humor we’ve come to know and love. And the chemistry between these two… amazing! Very well done by the bearded wonder.

“The Last Summer”

Netflix has been killing it in the rom-com/straight romance movie game lately. Might be why their logo color is red? (Definite T-Swift reference) With this one, they get it right down the middle. It’s not “wow” and it’s not “meh,” but rather somewhere in between. All four (I’m pretty sure I’m counting correctly) storylines each address their own individual conundrum with an almost perfect pace and cadence. The cast all have their own individual “coming of age” summer tale, all set in locations intended to engage your sense of nostalgia. There were many set pieces that reminded me of “American Pie.” Although, you can’t go wrong with the 4th of July profession of love under the fireworks power play. I’d recommend if you’re out of things to watch in your queue and you’re on the hunt for a Saturday night in. The soundtrack is pretty amazing, as well.