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Another forced look at our place i the world and how we all fit together and intertwine on the journey through life. There’s a lot under the hood in this one.

Led by powerhouse performances by Michael Keaton and Stanley Tucci, this film dives into a time in American history we too soon forget, or we’re blissfully unaware of in the first place. In this unthinkable chess match is addressed some of life’s most difficult questions, forcing us as viewers to evaluate things well beyond the boundaries of the screen. Exceptionally well done and well worth a watch!



One of the most impactful things I’ve watched all year. I caught it on a list on LinkedIn for leveling up one’s life, and now am including and recommending it here.

The way that the filmmakers lay out their case caused me to take a deep dive internally, and come out the other side more changed than I’ve been in a long time when the credits rolled on a film. Highly, highly recommend this one to anyone looking for a dose of profound perspective.



All 6.5 points are for Ana De Armas. She’s phenomenal and deserves every bit of praise and all the awards for this one. Everything else about this film was unnecessary and uncomfortable, to put it mildly. I believe they were aiming for portraying the harsh reality of Marilyn’s life, but it goes overboard. It blows past the line that “Showgirls” drew in the sand. And that’s saying something.

“The Bubble”


It was… okay?

Some funny moments, some funny characters. Ultimately forgettable. It may very well be that it was too early for a COVID movie. It could be that it was just the Netflix effect of moving ever-closer to the “everything for everyone” genre and losing their edge on many of their products, leading to the “meh, it killed some time” feeling as the credits roll.