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“I Care A lot”


Talk about playing the long game…

Rosamund Pike, don’t mess with her. Between this and “Gone Girl,” will we never learn?

The story itself is sickening enough as it is. A crash course in elder abuse, neglect, and misappropriation. On top of that, you involve the mob, presumed blood diamonds, murder for hire, and the mess that is the U.S. legal system coming to blows with the mess that is the U.S. healthcare system… a recipe for disaster, albeit entertaining disaster. Somewhere between “A Simple Favor” and “Cold Pursuit” lies this film. Humor as dark as it comes, beautifully crafted heists and hits, and a story with more twists that a day at Cedar Point. Very well done, Netflix!



Gary Oldman shines as the secret screenwriter behind the masterful manuscript of “Citizen Kane.” Hollywood studio politics, national politics, and international politics all collide in a wonderfully witty and dramatic period piece.

The black and white cinematography was a solid choice and lent itself to the story’s style itself. I felt truly immersed in the narrative the entire runtime. It strikes me as somewhat predictable that, of course, the famous author-screenwriter is a hellacious lush. Oldman finds an outstanding balance and hits all the necessary notes to round out the main character. I had no idea the hidden agendas behind all of the classic tale characters. Very well done!

“Crack: Cocaine, Corruption & Conspiracy”


The beginnings of the “War on Drugs” explained. The beginning of many of the societal ills that we are now reaping what we had sewn at this pivotal moment in American history. It was equally shocking to see what transpired and how we handled it. It’s always a painful pill to swallow when you can see how little the human race learns from history and how much we walk in a big circle, acting equally if not increasingly shocked with the results of our often flawed ways.

Government often creates many of the problems it “comes to the rescue” to solve, and most of the time rushing things and acting on emotion is the worst strategic alternative. This felt much longer than its runtime, but in a good way. A great deal of quality information and storytelling packed into this one. Well worth a watch.