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“Da 5 Bloods”


Spike Lee, one of the great directors of our time, at the height of his powers. A tale of friendship, service, pain, family, the often complicated nature of humanity. All wrapped in a history lesson. You can always count on walking away from a Spike Lee film with a lesson and some things to think about. The film is also gorgeous both in setting and how it is shot. A mix of “Last Vegas” and “Apocalypse Now.” A lot of film to take in, but well worth the runtime.

“The Highwaymen”


Much better than expected! And I expected a lot. Costner and Harrelson shine in this film about vigilante justice, the sometimes thin lines between right and wrong, and the toll that living the life of an old school lawman could take on one’s soul. The storytelling of their early days together as Texas Rangers opened up a window into the two main characters’ souls. Well veiled exposition. In the vein of “titanic” and other works of historical fiction, knowing the ending had very little bearing on my overall enjoyment, as this film was just so damn well done! Netflix movies and series tend to have a cinematic richness to them that is often unrivaled in modern entertainment, even with their recent uptick in content output volume. Well worth the watch, even if I am a little late to the party on this one.

“The Last Dance”



Old school ESPN on full display. F-bombs and all. The rawness of competition, the camaraderie of team, and the price of greatness. One of the best documentaries I’ve ever seen, and worth every minute of the 10 hour runtime. Guaranteed to emotionally move you every episode. You’ll not only learn about the team members themselves at a deeper level than ever thought possible, but also shed a tear over a United Center security guard at one point. Perfect pacing, great archival footage, and a willingness by the interviewees to truly bear themselves publicly in a way that not many are willing to. Hopefully a sign of things to come from ESPN in the future. A return to THE sports network. Until then… 6 titles in 8 years will stand the test of time as one of the all time greatest sports runs in history.

An experience these last 5 weeks that shows the beauty of sports as a communal experience that unites people. Perfect timing, on top of everything else.



Recommended by a friend by way of a review that concluded “it’s f**ked.”

Well, I’ll simply add one word to reach peak summation of this film. “It’s f**ked up.” One of the more disturbing films I’ve seen in ages. To quote Charlie Sheen in “Scary Movie 3”: “I will never believe what I just saw.”

Not for the faint of heart or weak of stomach. Strap into your straight jacket, and get ready to take a drive to crazy town. Every twist and turn leading the viewer closer and closer to the edge of madness. And then an ending that will leave you saying “what the hell just happened?!? You can’t do that. That ain’t right. Oh no…” Just a loving father who’s trying to save his marriage and daughter from a traumatic event…

Fun fact: I have a hard time watching movies with healthcare scenarios. I lost count of the number of times I said out loud to myself “that’s not how that works, movie!”

“The Last Summer”

Netflix has been killing it in the rom-com/straight romance movie game lately. Might be why their logo color is red? (Definite T-Swift reference) With this one, they get it right down the middle. It’s not “wow” and it’s not “meh,” but rather somewhere in between. All four (I’m pretty sure I’m counting correctly) storylines each address their own individual conundrum with an almost perfect pace and cadence. The cast all have their own individual “coming of age” summer tale, all set in locations intended to engage your sense of nostalgia. There were many set pieces that reminded me of “American Pie.” Although, you can’t go wrong with the 4th of July profession of love under the fireworks power play. I’d recommend if you’re out of things to watch in your queue and you’re on the hunt for a Saturday night in. The soundtrack is pretty amazing, as well.