Category: HBO

“Love Life”


They had me at Anna Kendrick. A modern love saga telling the tales of dating in 2020. All the crazy, fun, and awkwardness. A great kickoff series for HBO Max. Adorkable to the max.

The emotional journey caught me a bit off guard, and really came together in the end. I can’t wait to see where this goes if there’s a next season. “Sex and the City” updated for millennials. Get ready to shout “just break up already” and “yas girl” at the screen way more than you’d expect of yourself.



Wow… between this and “Chernobyl”… HBO’s docuseries are knocking it out of the park! The characters and story here are the stuff Hollywood only dreams about. Agent Matthews steals the show, though. He was born to break this case. You’ll spend six episodes on the edge of your seat, waiting for the next twist and turn to this epic tale of deceit. You’ll also never look at McDonalds or Monopoly the same way ever again.

“Mighty Ducks”


EMILIO! A solid Disney original. Underdog story with a hot shot learning humility, family drama, and a group of misfits becoming a kickass hockey team. This one has it all. Kind of miss when the NHL team had the cool logo and was owned by Disney. The 90’s were a wild time. Definitely give this one a shot.

“Something The Lord Made”


Get the tissues ready…

In the vein of “Patch Adams” and “Gifted Hands,” join the revolutionaries that ushered in the advent of cardiothoracic surgery as a profession, by challenging the age old medical wisdom of the time: “don’t touch the heart!” A tale of race, academia, character, and courage. One of Alan Rickman’s finest performances as the “too smart to interact with fellow humans fluently” surgeon Dr. Alfred Blalock. A wonderful job by Mos Def (now Yasiin Bey) as jack of all trades mechanic handyman, eventual Johns Hopkins surgical professor Dr. Vivien Thomas. This movie tackles a lot, and does it with such grace! Great story, great film. Highly recommend!