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“Eaten Alive”


“A new horror classic” for all of the wrong reasons.

This was somewhere between painful to watch and laughable. It misses the mark that the original “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” nailed. It succeeds in making the viewer uncomfortable, but not much else. The alligator is an interesting creature choice, and could have been great on the heels of JAWS’s success, but this film didn’t quite have the budget, directorial direction, or intent as that legendary series. If it resembles any of them, it’s the ridiculousness of “JAWS: The Revenge.” Grindhouse filmmaking at its finest!

“The Map of Tiny Perfect Things”


Literal mapping out of life’s tiny but impactful, perfectly imperfect moments that make life worth it. Just enough nerdy time travel theory to take me back to writing a college paper on it once. The rom-com sap fest love story I’m always a sucker for. Amazon’s attempting to dethrone Netflix, and I am here for it!

After this and “Freaky,” Kathryn Newton is pigeon holing herself as the official time travel girl a bit, but she’s so damn good at it! I couldn’t help but also keep thinking that Kyle Allen looks like a younger version of Heath Ledger most of the movie. Distractions aside, they play the perfect onscreen stand-ins for left brain/right brain characters in this love story for the ages. I figured this would feel a bit stale, given how they’re repeating the niche like a time loop lately, but it knocks it out of the park. Highly recommend!



A little on the nose to be coming from Amazon. A company developed virtual reality that your consciousness is uploaded into after death? And it turns out that the parent tech company is evil? Little close to home, don’t you think?

The show itself was a pleasant surprise. Very well done! The cast have a great chemistry, the jokes all land without feeling like stale VR jokes. The love story develops naturally. And the scenery is gorgeous.

“Never Surrender”


Really makes me want to watch Galaxy Quest… mission accomplished. After hearing the hype for months following “honest trailers,” I was excited to finally find this on Amazon Prime. So many behind the scenes insights. Another one of those happy accidents that went on to become a cult classic. Beautiful, heartfelt tribute to Sir Alan Rickman. Wonderful overall documentary of the story of a legendary film that’s hard to categorize, beyond awesome.