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A little on the nose to be coming from Amazon. A company developed virtual reality that your consciousness is uploaded into after death? And it turns out that the parent tech company is evil? Little close to home, don’t you think?

The show itself was a pleasant surprise. Very well done! The cast have a great chemistry, the jokes all land without feeling like stale VR jokes. The love story develops naturally. And the scenery is gorgeous.

“Never Surrender”


Really makes me want to watch Galaxy Quest… mission accomplished. After hearing the hype for months following “honest trailers,” I was excited to finally find this on Amazon Prime. So many behind the scenes insights. Another one of those happy accidents that went on to become a cult classic. Beautiful, heartfelt tribute to Sir Alan Rickman. Wonderful overall documentary of the story of a legendary film that’s hard to categorize, beyond awesome.

“Bottle Shock”


Came recommended by a friend. Didn’t disappoint! The re-telling of the legendary Paris tasting that out California/American wine in the map retold through the talents of some of Hollywood’s best turns out to be a pretty great film. Alan Rickman shines as sommelier Steven Spurrier as he ventures to the US to prove that French wines will forever be the gold standard. Beautiful set pieces and an intriguing story. Pairs well with a bottle of the good stuff. Cheers!

“At The Drive-In”


The cinematic answer to the question “why do you love movies?” Specifically, seeing movies at a theater. This tale of a drive-in in danger of closing, and a band of film lovers banding together to save a landmark and create memories to last a lifetime is an inspiration for chasing your dreams and fighting for what you believe in. The beauty of the community of film is on full display (no pun intended) in this great find scanning through Amazon Prime. The word of mouth documentary film that is to die for at a film festival. If I’m ever passing through Pennsylvania…