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“Something From Tiffany’s”


Not too much, not too little. Just right.

In the spirit of “no good deed goes unpunished,” this poor guy saves an asshat’s life, only to have said action cause a ripple effect resulting in his proposal being thwarted. Only to then be wooed by the baking prowess of Zoey Deutch. (Is there anything she can’t do?) She dumps the zero, and gets with the hero in the end. Both learn that someone you met yesterday can be better for you than someone you’ve known for years. Well done, Amazon! Netflix better look out, they’re gunning for the rom-com kingdom.



It’s British “Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” and I am here for ever second of it!

A quick wit and dry sense of humor that emanates such effortlessness from the main character that you can’t help but root for them, no matter the circumstances. Complicated characters that more accurately depict everyday acquaintances than any sitcom character could ever dream to. Fourth wall breaks that would make Deadpool flush with envy. The wildest storylines that keep one guessing until the very end, until the story and the main character wander into the night, clever as a fox as to their next move. Weird, but we’ll worth the weekend binge.

“I Want You Back”


Oh my god! They fell in love WITH EACH OTHER after trying to force their failed relationships?!?!? NO WAY!!!

Cynicism aside, I thoroughly enjoyed this one. Not only because I loved the cast, but because it was a well-told story with heart. Heartful people committing heartless acts with good intentions. That tension leads to some great chemistry and humor. Prime Video gunning for Netflix’s domination of the romantic comedy genre with this one.

I think we’ve all been there and can all see where and how this one ends, but it’s still a fun ride. Unless you’re currently in the “I’m going to win them back” stage of a breakup. In which case, I feel for you. (Not that I’ve ever done it *wink*) You will get through this and be able to laugh at the complete ass you are about to make of yourself. It’s all in the name of character growth. The key is to buy chocolate or ice cream you can later eat yourself to drown the humiliation. Then you can watch this movie and laugh instead of cry.

“Eaten Alive”


“A new horror classic” for all of the wrong reasons.

This was somewhere between painful to watch and laughable. It misses the mark that the original “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” nailed. It succeeds in making the viewer uncomfortable, but not much else. The alligator is an interesting creature choice, and could have been great on the heels of JAWS’s success, but this film didn’t quite have the budget, directorial direction, or intent as that legendary series. If it resembles any of them, it’s the ridiculousness of “JAWS: The Revenge.” Grindhouse filmmaking at its finest!

“The Map of Tiny Perfect Things”


Literal mapping out of life’s tiny but impactful, perfectly imperfect moments that make life worth it. Just enough nerdy time travel theory to take me back to writing a college paper on it once. The rom-com sap fest love story I’m always a sucker for. Amazon’s attempting to dethrone Netflix, and I am here for it!

After this and “Freaky,” Kathryn Newton is pigeon holing herself as the official time travel girl a bit, but she’s so damn good at it! I couldn’t help but also keep thinking that Kyle Allen looks like a younger version of Heath Ledger most of the movie. Distractions aside, they play the perfect onscreen stand-ins for left brain/right brain characters in this love story for the ages. I figured this would feel a bit stale, given how they’re repeating the niche like a time loop lately, but it knocks it out of the park. Highly recommend!