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“Ant Man & The Wasp: Quantumania”


A handful of great moments. A great villain. A mediocre movie overall. “Everything, Everywhere, All at Once” still reigns supreme as the greatest multiverse movie.

What should have been where the multiverse saga FINALLY taking shape and gaining direction and momentum turned into a blob. Better yet, a blob with holes. (Inside joke you’d have to have seen the movie to get.)

It’s a CGI fueled assault on the senses, with very little humanity to ground it or story threads to tie it to anything in else in the MCU. This was as much a Star Wars movie as it was part of the MCU. I felt like George Lucas deserved royalties for this.

Maybe somewhere along the way they’ll find their way once again, but for now… Marvel’s wandering in the wilderness and the “Fast & Furious” franchise has better continuity and believability.



“They say redemption can be found in the most unusual places.”

Pretty damn good action thriller. Gerard Butler and Mike Colter team up to save a plane full of people from a remote island warlord in charge of a rebel force who holds them for ransom. Of course, with a little assistance from a Seal Team 6 type bunch of “fixers.” A war room. Gerard Butler doing Gerard Butler things. A tight runtime with little fat, and only one action scene with shaky cam. All in all, a good day. Well done! Much better than I was expecting, given the asinine marketing campaign and brain dead title.

“Mr. Brooks”


One of my favorite action sleeper hits. Costner and Cook have fantastic chemistry as the mentor/mentee in the murderous arts. Costner does a great job of portraying the struggle of leading a double life while also exuding a calm coolness almost the entire time. The twist at the end always elicits a cheer from yours truly. It blew my mind the first time I watched it.

“Malibu High”


In a story arch as unlikely as the “50 shades” trilogy, our main character Kim goes from nymphomaniac to professional assassin in the blink of an eye, with little to no explanation. This may also be the only film I’ve ever seen other than “Old School” (you’re my boy, blue!) where an elderly man is killed simply by the power of a nice pair.

The soundtrack had me in stitches as it never matched what was going on on screen. The acting was laughable. But it was an entertaining hour and a half, I’ll give it that. A thank you to “Cinema Speculation” for this odd rabbit hole to travel down.



Courtesy of Quentin Tarantino’s “Cinema Speculation,” which I highly recommend… one of a handful of oddballs you’ll see here on the feed in the next month or so.

A classic revenge thriller. “Taken” before the genre was run into the ground in the 2010s… back when it was run into the ground in the 1970s.

Man from Grand Rapids sends his religious daughter to LA on a youth group trip. Girl gets into porn. Man goes on the hunt for retribution against the man/men/women who contributed to her corruption.

I’ll also save you time – the reason you know the private investigator is because he’s Ray’s dad from “Everybody Love’s Raymond.” Apparently he’s never had hair.