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There’s a bomb… on a bus.

Short, sweet, and to the point. Much like this movie. “Speed” walked so “John Wick” could run. The entire cast rocks it in this fast paced (pun intended) thriller. Another man with a phone and taste for revenge who terrorizes society with a sinister plot endangering an aspect of everyday life. Things go fast, and things go boom. Great directing keeps things paced just right, with just the right dash of humor to let off the gas before the next buildup.

“The Highwaymen”


Much better than expected! And I expected a lot. Costner and Harrelson shine in this film about vigilante justice, the sometimes thin lines between right and wrong, and the toll that living the life of an old school lawman could take on one’s soul. The storytelling of their early days together as Texas Rangers opened up a window into the two main characters’ souls. Well veiled exposition. In the vein of “titanic” and other works of historical fiction, knowing the ending had very little bearing on my overall enjoyment, as this film was just so damn well done! Netflix movies and series tend to have a cinematic richness to them that is often unrivaled in modern entertainment, even with their recent uptick in content output volume. Well worth the watch, even if I am a little late to the party on this one.

“Long Shot”

Never thought I’d shed a tear during a Seth Rogen film, but here we are… a true long shot, but he sinks it! This was a wonderful film, with a great message. Brilliant comes to mind. Appreciating authenticity, and taking risks for what we truly care about. Mixed in with the same 4th grade humor we’ve come to know and love. And the chemistry between these two… amazing! Very well done by the bearded wonder.

“Tall Tale”


One of many childhood favorites I’ve been able to revisit thanks to Disney+. Just as good as I remembered it! Classic Disney magic. Great coming of age story. Just enough goofy to remind you it’s a Disney movie. Perfect balance.

Swayze plays a close to perfect hero. Scott Glenn plays a villain akin to his brilliant performance in “Backdraft.”



“Westworld,” with a little bit of “John Wick.” A classic revenge story straight out of a western, with a modern twist. Fantastic action directing and cinematography makes for a wild ride in this quest for his wife’s killers and finding vengeance. Spent almost the entire runtime on the edge of my seat as the narrative navigated around each new corner, revealing a new twist. Very well done!