Category: Action

“The 355”


Do you like spy thrillers? Did you enjoy “The Expendables” but wish it had more girl power? Well, do I have the movie for you!

I don’t understand the hatred for this movie among the viewing public and critics. It was much better than I expected, having read some reviews and heard some negative word of mouth.

First off, I’ll watch anything that includes Jessica Chastain. The fact that the rest of the cast was equally badass was just the icing on the cake. The only knock I had on this movie was how the action was filmed. It was beautifully choreographed but shot in such a schizophrenic fashion that it almost gave me motion sickness. There don’t need to be that many jump cuts and shaky cam. Other than that, I’m all-in on this Tom Clancy novel mixed with Charlie’s Angels.

“Ghostbusters: Afterlife”


Mckenna Grace and Paul Rudd make this movie.

Did they carbon copy the story from parts one and two? Yeah… kinda. Did it work like a charm because they changed it just enough to make it interesting? Also yes. This was an incredibly fun and well-done film. It had the nerdy factor that made the first two seem genuine instead of cheesy, the character depth to make it interesting, and the perfect callbacks to pay homage to the originals, including some really well-done cameos by the original busters. This one doesn’t go overboard or overcorrect like “Answer the Call” did once upon a time. Turns out that not EVERYONE on screen has to play the comic relief. You can be silly and fun without losing the plot. Bravo to the team on this one. It is deserving of the canon.

“Spiderman: No Way Home”


An incredibly depth-filled Marvel movie with *gasp* actual stakes involved!

The Spidermen not only reenact the three Spidermen pointing at each other meme but all get the closure that Sony had thus far denied them in their respective franchise reboots. All three shine in their own ways and have lovely chemistry while sharing the big screen. I was impressed with how balanced this movie felt, given the sheer amount of content filling the runtime. There’s so much that this movie accomplishes before the credits roll, which left me feeling successfully satisfied and hopeful for the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s not the perfect happy ending that has come to be the hallmark of so many of Marvel’s entries to the MCU, but it leaves room for and builds a strong foundation for the films to come.

“Eternals” notwithstanding, I say this a lot with new MCU movies, and again find myself shrugging my shoulders as I declare, “Marvel did it again.”

“The Green Knight”


Well, that was… something.

Clearly based on a fable from the days of old, this film embraces A24’s “what the hell did I just watch?” method of filmmaking. You may not fully understand what it is that you just watched, but I can assure you that you will leave absolutely fascinated by it. Also, maybe a little disturbed. If I had to come up with a motto for this film, it would be “drunk decisions often lead to the best adventures.”

“The King’s Man”


The prequel no one asked for, but looking back, should have been asking for.

The origin story of the Kingsman, an eloquently told family drama intertwined with global geopolitics affected by international family drama, wrapped in one of the slickest action films of the year. The directing, cinematography, and choreography are off the chart and exceed the already high bar of the Kingsman franchise. Prepare to be thoroughly entertained for two hours by a political drama. I’m as surprised as you are I just said that. However, if you drench it in scotch, high tea, and high octane adrenaline, you have a hit on your hands. Rasputin is the least interesting part of this, and that’s saying something. Well worth the wait through multiple delays to finally see this action-packed masterpiece on the big screen. Too bad that D-Box motion seats are no longer a fad. This movie would have been INSANE in one of those!