Category: Drama

“Five Days at Memorial”


… because any longer, and there’d be no one left with the stomach to survive watching this heart-wrenching tale.

Based on the events at Memorial Hospital in New Orleans during and immediately following Hurricane Katrina, follow along on one of the move visceral deep dives into clinical ethics I can think of ever seeing put to film. Definitely not for the faint of heart.

Perfectly cast, each character brings their all, but also doesn’t overshadow anyone else. There’s a nice balance to everything as we all dive into the darkness together. Unfathomable decisions stemming from an unthinkable scenario playing out. Unprecedented times leading to unprecedented decisions and actions. The best and worst of humanity on full display.

“Triangle of Sadness”


Well, this is the most interesting episode of “Below Deck” I think they’ve ever released…

In all seriousness, it’s “Gilligan’s Island” from hell. Not even Woody Harrelson’s charm can distract the audience from the horrifying, imperative truths contained in this film. It’s truly a narrative work of art about class, societal collapse and rebuilding, and human nature. But… It’s an 11/10 on the weird. I also apologize for the cover photo of the trailer. Haha



Narrative cajones on par with the team behind “The Card Counter.” Releasing a movie about Abu Ghraib on the anniversary of 9/11 is only approached by releasing a movie loosely tied to the Business Plot (when wealthy businessmen plotted to overthrow FDR’s government in the fog of WW2) around, well, everything going on today. A fantastic ensemble cast filled to the brim with talent. A “Knives Out” level whodunnit that doesn’t fully fall into place until the final 5 minutes that takes globetrotting mystery to a whole new level. But it’s a definite deep cut on the conspiracy list, so you might want to brush up on the Wikipedia page prior to viewing.



The… beauty… of small towns? Haha Yeah, we’ll go with that.

A beautiful illustration of how easy it would be to simply record the things that happen around these parts and have it go viral since it’s so unbelievable. The cultural differences were so perfectly played, and made for a hilarious story of family, love, and revenge. With a WILD twist at the end, as any good true crime podcast needs to make it complete.

In summation – be careful which exes numbers you keep in your phone.



Who knew, Channing Tatum can actually act?!

A beautifully told tale of mental health struggles and the power of positive relationships forged in the fire of conflict and commitment. Such a feel good movie about the best of humanity alongside man’s best friend. It’s a beautiful movie, and I highly recommend it.