Category: Apple Tv+

“Ted Lasso”


Finally caved and got on the bandwagon. Well worth the all-day binge! Jason Sudeikis kills it as Ted, but has a stellar cast surrounding him that fire on all cylinders every episode. The quality of product here is other-worldly. Another home run for Apple TV+. A work of comedic art, blending wit with just the right amount of edginess and attitude. And inspiration… you’ll be ready to run through walls for coach when it’s all said and done. Whether you enjoy futbol/football/soccer or not, you’ll likely love this lovable lad Lasso. Bravo!



Very “Bridge of Spies” or “The Post” for me. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a solid film. But this is the movie that gets nominated for Oscars galore because Tom Hanks is in it. There have been better war movies put out, but this will certainly kill 2 hours of your time, and is an addition to the growing collection of content on AppleTV+. Just seemed pretty safe bet all the way down the checklist.

“The Banker”


Nick Fury and Hawkeye make a valiant return to the screen in this early home run for AppleTV+. Societal issues are front and center, and the 3 lead actors do a beautiful job of bringing them to light through this fascinating story of real estate, banking, and society as a whole. Really can’t go wrong with this cast, whose chemistry is undeniable. Truly moving and entertaining work of cinematic art, topped off by a happy ending in the sun. AppleTV+ has really hit the ground running in the quality department.

“The Morning Show”


Hell of a legacy project for Jennifer Aniston. Steve Carell delves into a devious villain again, with a strong follow-up to the dad you root against the entire runtime of “The Way Way Back.” All involved deliver some of their best performances, in what turns into some of the quickest wit and high velocity dialogue you’ll experience this side of an Aaron Sorkin project. Handles heavy subject matter with grace and the respect it deserves, doesn’t shy away from the gray, and draws clear moral boundary lines when called upon. Brilliant balance in script and performance. And a cliffhanger for the ages! Can’t wait to see where this goes, and where Apple TV+ asserts itself in the streaming wars with high quality prestige pieces like this. Well done!



A show as mysterious as the title… M. Night at the height of his powers, keeping you guessing at every twist and turn. Then second guessing your initial guesses. Then wondering “is that Ron Weasley from Harry Potter?” Then wondering why if the new nanny dabbles in the dark arts or is just odd? Then wondering who the hell came up with the fictional menu for this food critic?!? Then… completely dumbfounded by the conclusion of the season, wanting to find the producers and obtain a copy of Season 2 NOW! We need answers!