Category: Romance

“Magic Mike”


Hike up your thong, and saddle up your pony… no new movies meant we eventually had to go here.

Holy weird movie Batman. A behind the scenes look at the world of male exotic dancing. A smarter(?) version of “showgirls”… maybe. The race is about as tight as Dallas’s leather pants.

Amazing choreography. A truly inspiration story about chasing your dreams. And a weird side quest about entrepreneurship and investment in day trading and commercial real estate. And furniture.

“Pretty in Pink”


If you leave
I won’t cry
I won’t waste one single day
But if you leave, don’t look back… I’ll be running the other way…

Oh, sorry. I didn’t see you there. Anyways. Classic 80’s rom-com from the maestro John Hughes. James Spader’s lustrous locks always come as a shock, as he stars alongside his “Mannequin” co-star Andrew McCarthy in this all star lineup. Almost felt bad for Duckie… almost. That blonde he ends up with at the end?!? Molly Ringwald in another perfectly adorkable lead role. Really fires on all cylinders. Not quite “Sixteen Candles” or “The Breakfast Club,” but close.

“Valley Girl” (2020)


Like, gag me with a spoon, that was rough.

Jessica Rothe and the soundtrack earned all 4.5 of those stars. Had to make up for a lot of Logan Paul. Although, his character is supposed to be a tool, so… good casting?

For some odd reason, they took a decent 80’s movie, forgot to write half of a script, and filled the gaps with musical numbers. I mean, the soundtrack was pretty bitchin’, but couldn’t fully pull this one out of a narrative tailspin. And subjected so many promising young actors and actresses to this ball and chain of a film.

It was colorful and full of everything 80’s, but a pretty hollow shell of an actual film.

“Valley Girl (1983)”


Like, a totally rad movie. One of Nicholas Cage’s first (and best) roles of his career. Just enough lunacy to fit the character who’s a bit of an outsider, who gets the girl in the end. Amazing 80’s soundtrack. Hanging out at the mall. Neon color galore. Very 80’s. Somewhat of a John Hughes type love story, checking all of the character and storyline boxes as it moves along.