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“The Love Witch”


Following the theme of strong femme fatales… “The Love Witch!”

Luring in her prey like a Venus Fly Trap, and allowing their own character flaws lead to their downfalls. Very Hitchcock, but very original in its interpretation and execution of the art of cinema. Fascinating to see a filmmaker make the artistic choice to light and shoot on film to form a piece that looks like it’s from the 60’s… when it was actually filmed less than 10 years ago. Fascinating to learn the backstory of the making of this film and be introduced to it through the lens of “The Last Drive In w/Joe Bob Briggs.” Have to plug Shudder every once in a while for its masterful curation of the horror genre for the streaming world.

This one is really hard to explain, but if you’re looking for something “out of the box”… definitely check it out.

“Listen to Me”


Highly recommended, greatly hyped… Lived up to and exceeded every expectation!

Apparently I’ve missed many golden opportunities to utilize the phrase “lifting cars” in my dating life over the years.

This movie checked all of my boxes for great love stories and relationship dynamics to drive the story. You have the guy with the “perfect” life that isn’t as it seems. Who wants to blow it all up to follow his passion instead of the plan, similar to the gang in “The Breakfast Club.” Then you have the awkward couple who clicks as friends but never quite has the spark… Similar to Becca and Jesse in “Pitch Perfect.”

In the vein of “Pitch Perfect,” this film does a great job of shining a light on a niche extracurricular college activity and the fascinating characters that are drawn to it. At the helm of the team is chief Brody, of all people, who may have moved from east coast to west, but kept his shorts from his time in Martha’s Vineyard all those summers ago.

In closing, I leave you with this…



So… it’s pretty much all in the title on this one. Navigating a drought in new releases in theaters, I found this one in the indie film section in iTunes. As someone who has watched and loved Tommy Wiseau’s “The Room,” I’m here to tell you that this acting is just as bad, if not worse. Basically, everyone cheats on everyone, it’s all English dubbed like an old Godzilla movie. All around strange. Save yourself the hour and a half.

“The World to Come”


Brett’s Movie Reviews After Dark… (cue funky bass line)

You wouldn’t know it from the trailer, but this is not, in fact, an A24 horror flick.

Instead, it’s the film this Valentine’s day for the ladies out there who are getting ready to hit send on a social media post swearing off men. The two main characters hear you and raise you a steamy romance that scratches an itch neither of their husbands can collectively figure out how to, probably because one of them is sad Casey Affleck again. Who’s confidence is as flaccid as his… You get the picture. The other guy is just a straight-up abusive asshole. Neither have any redeeming qualities, so as a viewer, we see this coming a mile away.

I do have to say, the women have a great onscreen chemistry and dynamic that plays out in a way that seems very natural and unforced. In my continued flogging of the “Fifty Shades” franchise, Anastasia would have been better off in colonial America, apparently.



Tired of living in a society? Striving to find a significant other? Contemplating moving to a remote cabin to live out your days? Well, have I got the movie for you!

It’s actually a touching tale about an attempt to outrun grief, losing all hope, then having a connection with a fellow human to restore the life force within. You’ll go through the full spectrum with this one. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll facepalm at the absurdity… You’ll leave hopeful for humankind. Cinematography as beautiful as the story. Highly recommend.