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Kevin James must always Kevin James. Like Will Ferrell being shirtless, Kevin James must dance like a buffoon. And Will Smith must riff some lines. I don’t make the rules.

All that said, Eva Mendez and Amber Valletta? These guys seriously out-kick their coverage here.

Some extremely valuable lessons here about human connection and the value of balancing being honest and bettering oneself in the name finding true love. And jet skis. Beware of jet skis. I’ve been there. It’s a hard date to master, especially when you fall off and have to be rescued. Just saying…

A rom-com staple with an absolutely fire soundtrack!

“The Ugly Truth”


The classic “straight laced character learns from the goofball character and they end up proving the opposites attract theory” rom-com. A tale as old as time. A film so old it’s before Gerard Butler decided to drop the American accent. Also, a strong entry into the Katherine Heigl renaissance.

These two play these parts perfectly, and as I’ve said here before, mail the most important part of the rom-com formula: the heart. Without anchoring itself to true human romantic connection, the comedy falls flat. The laughs are only as strong as the “awe” factor at the other end of the spectrum, and this film has both for days. There’s also a lesson in there about opposites attracting, game theory, and the player just being a broken nice guy protecting his heart… but I digress.



In one word: Chaotic… or long.

Throughout, this film is gorgeous. For that, I will not fault it. The first hour is superb. After that, it feels every second of the 3+ hour runtime and gets WEIRD. If you have a weak stomach, or a back injury that prevents you from sitting for long periods of time, this is not the move. I’m amazed they skated by with the R rating.

Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie are exquisite. The entire supporting cast is full of rockstars and amazing cameos. The music and cinematography are to die for. It’s just the strange structure and poor pacing that kill it in the end.

Oscar bait gone too far… much like the scene of an elephant defecating on a man. I shit you not. (Rimshot)

“The Escort”


After reminding me of “The Girl Next Door,” this film really blew me away with how insightfully deep it was! I expected a romantic comedy of sorts, but was instead treated to a tale of being lost, finding direction, losing direction to the tides of life, and finding home in unlikely spaces and people.

Lyndsy Fonseca brings it all together and takes it over the top with her portrayal of Natalie the escort. Her performance shines as it brings out fuller performances from the other cast members. Her likability really brings the character to life in a way that gave the movie a much deeper meaning than it otherwise could have had.

“The Good House”


A much more complex film than I was anticipating as I sat down in the theater. A family drama, character study, romance novel, and a business whodunnit, all wrapped into one film. At times, the narrative became as messy as the characters, but in the end, this film drove home the importance of connection, and more importantly, the importance of working on ourselves to make the connections that build the life we deserve for ourselves.

The entire cast was as divine as the wine Hildy and Rebecca down as the gab about the town gossip. A definite feel good after it makes you face uncomfortable wisdoms film.