Category: Romance

“Under the Tuscan Sun”


Oh… she rebuilds the house while also rebuilding herself! I get it now.

One of those pleasant surprises you find surfing through a pile of movies that happens to enter your life at just the right moment, and hit your emotions in just the right spot.

A heartfelt tale of a writer rebuilding her life in the beautiful landscape of Tuscany. Making friends and building a life all while learning who she is as a person and what is really important to her in the process. Very well done sleeper hit. Diane lane really knocks it out of the park with this one.

“Tiger King”


Good lord… that got weird. Just when you think it can’t get any worse or lower the bar any further, it happens. Cat people, man… the lunacy of the exotic animal trade/polygamy world is on full display for all parts of this documentary.

Lessons learned :

1. Don’t hire a hit man to hire a hit man to kill your business nemesis.

2. Much like Ron Burgundy reads anything on the teleprompter, a tiger will eat anything covered in sardine oil.

3. A jet ski slow-mo entrance set to “eye of the tiger” can make even the biggest doofus look badass.

“The Little Rascals”


I’m biased. This one gets one big Smoley Oley from this critic. One of my first favorite movies, with my first crush (Darla), before I made it to Kindergarten and met the real life one.

This story of brotherhood, youth, and overcoming adversity with the help of your pals is what makes it truly timeless. So many classic lines, so many great performances. All time greatness put to film. Throw it back to the nice guy getting the girl, and winning the race by a hair.

“The Photograph”


Ah… a return to the old fashioned parallel stories that happen decades apart model. A welcomed return of an ageless relic. A touching story that really tugs at the heartstrings. (Thang God at least one sappy movie came out this week) The R&B during the intimate moments did bring me back to watching “The Room,” which was a nice chuckle before getting my heart ripped out again 5 minutes later. Hit a lot harder than expected and turned out to be a really well crafted story of romance, regret, and reminiscing.

“Little Women”


In the wise words of Owen Wilson, “wow.” This one caught me a little off guard. May or may not have gotten a little dusty in the theater a couple of times. Bucking the trend of numerous news outlets lecturing everyone on “men aren’t going to see ‘little women’,” I thought I’d check this one out. Definitely glad I did.

A tale of elegance and humanity, love and independence. A character study in how we love and whether we have a choice in who we love or when it hits us. Heavy stuff handled deftly in this well-crafted film. Beautiful set pieces and cinematography, brilliant acting, and a razor sharp story tie it all together. Bravo!

Also, apparently the perfect revenge on the girl you fall in unrequited love with who strings you along under the guise of friendship with potential for something more but really doesn’t know who she is or how to love, leaving her with a void she is perpetually unable to fill and her pining after what you once had and trying to find it in other people or making a grand gesture in “too little, too late” fashion, destroys your heart and will to love again… is to become a hard partying playboy for a few years, regain your confidence, and marry her attractive sister.