Category: Indie

“The Broken Hearts Gallery”


This girl has worse taste in dating partners than yours truly…Good lord.

A throwback to a time in the cinema when these mid-budget romantic comedies were a thing of beauty on the silver screen, not monopolized by Netflix. So many laughs. So many “awe” moments. So many “just dump his ass already!” moments. A definite hidden gem, if you can find your way to a socially distanced multiplex or drive in. A fairly fresh take on an age old genre. Very well done!

“Words on Bathroom Walls”


Such an emotionally raw film… A harrowing tale of a high school senior not only navigating the treachery of high school, but doing it while also living with Schizophrenia. The relationships between characters was really something to behold. Such complexity, yet such familiarity with each character. It’s been a long time since a film hit me in the feels with such an impact. A few cliches, but important lessons to be learned. An incredible piece of cinema, and a breath of fresh air on the big screen!

“Yes, God, Yes”


The most uncomfortable erection since “Anchorman.” Overall, an… interesting coming of age story. Not as raunchy, but just as cringe-worthy as the trailer suggests. Mike’s sister from “Stranger Things” continues her awkward streak all the way to bible camp. This is what happens when there are no new films in theaters, and those films usually buried in the iTunes store rise to the top of the suggested page.

“The Wretched”


What started out as a summer “coming of age” movie takes a very dark turn. A small town on the water in Michigan. People getting picked off one by one. An enemy that you can’t quite put your finger on, even by the end of the film. That oh so beautiful cliffhanger ending that makes these horror films legendary. The creep factor of “The Witch.” You think you know where things are going, but then they turn the tables again and keep you off balance almost the entire runtime.

Again, the ending of this is a thing of beauty. It takes a hot second to catch up with what’s going on, but when you do…