Category: Indie

“The Wretched”


What started out as a summer “coming of age” movie takes a very dark turn. A small town on the water in Michigan. People getting picked off one by one. An enemy that you can’t quite put your finger on, even by the end of the film. That oh so beautiful cliffhanger ending that makes these horror films legendary. The creep factor of “The Witch.” You think you know where things are going, but then they turn the tables again and keep you off balance almost the entire runtime.

Again, the ending of this is a thing of beauty. It takes a hot second to catch up with what’s going on, but when you do…

“A Nice Girl Like You”


A pleasantly surprising, delightfully funny, ravishingly raunchy film.

Definitely one of those deep cuts in the iTunes store that I used to stumble upon during my trips to the cinema during Oscar season or trying to escape the summer heat in the comfort of multiplex A/C. The “oh, that sounds interesting” that turns out to be amazing.

A film that really fires on all cylinders, with perfect comedic timing and a genuine chemistry between cast members. Lucy Hale knocks it out of the park as the lead, in search of personal discover and growth. A lot of genuine laughs and moments that make you go “awe…”



Figured I’d check this one out, since I love Zoey Deutch. Man, was I in for a weird 2 hour ride. A nosedive into the… strange… world of debt collection agencies. Part mob movie, part “the big short” fourth wall breaking exposition voiceovers. All capped off with hot wings. A lot of wings references. Buffalo seems like an interesting place to live if it’s anything like the city depicted here. Definitely a nice change of pace form the middle of the road films lately.