Category: Comedy

“Mack & Rita”


I will watch anything with Elizabeth Lail starring in it. This now extends to Diane Keaton. Both do a fantastic job of bringing their respective Mack or Rita to life on the big screen.

I’d be remised if I didn’t admit that this plot wouldn’t work as well if it was a guy who becomes old and then hooks up with the neighbor half his age, but this film successfully skates the thin ice to the other side of the pond to deliver a powerful message about appreciating ourselves for who we are, and to be confident in taking our place in the world.

The tug of war between youth and wisdom, and each generation looking at each other thinking the other has it made were on full display. It reminded me of a recent episode of “The Adam and Dr. Drew Show” podcast where they discussed the evolution of what is deemed valuable by society. All in all, an entertaining rom-com of sorts with a “bridesmaids” or “book club” style comedy mixed in.

“Minions: The Rise of Gru”


Much better than expected! A fun, tight hour and a half comedy that kept me either giggling or flat out laughing to myself.

The boys are back for another wacky adventure that see Gru get his ass in a bind that the 3 stooges much make worse, then get him out of.

Despite the predictable story, there’s a lot of charm and genuine entertainment here, in addition to a rocking soundtrack!

Bonus – there was no roving gang of suit clad chads in my showing! Win-win!

“The Bubble”


It was… okay?

Some funny moments, some funny characters. Ultimately forgettable. It may very well be that it was too early for a COVID movie. It could be that it was just the Netflix effect of moving ever-closer to the “everything for everyone” genre and losing their edge on many of their products, leading to the “meh, it killed some time” feeling as the credits roll.