Category: Comedy

“The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard”


Ari Gold selling cars. Supported by an all-star cast. Too many high profile comedy actors to count. A solid script that feels like it was lit on fire very early on to make way for “just roll the camera and let the improv fly.” Short, sweet, and to the point. Just like this movie.

And… since they play it to roll the credits, it gives me an excuse to play one of my favorite 38 Special songs. Rock on.

“Doc Hollywood”


Aside Marty McFly, this is a role that Michael J. Fox was born to play…

A newbie doctor on his way to live a live full of glitz and glamour in Hollywood is instead seduced by the charm of life in small town America. Doesn’t hurt that he (of course) falls in love along the way. A surprisingly strong supporting cast really shines in this one, elevating what could have disappeared into the ether as a simple popcorn flick into a cinematic classic. Woody Harrelson and Julie Warner in particular really play well off of Fox as the film rolls on.

“Hot Rod”


Typical Lonely Island hijinks. The life and times of an amateur daredevil. Isla Fisher as the Darla to these not so little rascals. Strap in and get ready to inappropriately laugh for a couple hours and sophomoric humor at its finest.

“The Great Outdoors”


One of the all time great summer vacation films. Having lived in a summer tourist trap most of my life, I definitely identified with Cammie. The love story between Buck and Cammie is one of my favorites in film. The old school summer fling. John Candy and Dan Aykroyd are at the height of their powers in this one, and have great onscreen comic chemistry. So many great one liners. And a the bald-headed killer bear of Clare County.

Lock and load your shotgun lamp, and take a ride in ‘suck my wake’ across Lake Potowotominimac. Fall in love with a local at the pool hall, and tackle the challenge of eating “the ol’ 96er.” No better way to spend a summer. Yakety yak, don’t talk back.



A little on the nose to be coming from Amazon. A company developed virtual reality that your consciousness is uploaded into after death? And it turns out that the parent tech company is evil? Little close to home, don’t you think?

The show itself was a pleasant surprise. Very well done! The cast have a great chemistry, the jokes all land without feeling like stale VR jokes. The love story develops naturally. And the scenery is gorgeous.