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Wes Craven at the height of his powers.

Turns out “Scary Movie” is just a rip-off of the master himself. Such a perfectly constructed story, including fourth wall breaks in all the right places. I have laughed this hard at a horror film in quite a while. It was also genuinely scary when it needed to be, pointing to the craftsmanship of the filmmaker. Very well done.

“The Wolf of Snow Hollow”


Uh… I’m still not sure what it is I just watched.

There was a werewolf, an angry for no reason sheriff deputy, and a senile sheriff. Past that, I couldn’t really tell you. I laughed at the pure absurdity a couple times, but left completely confused. Very well could be that I missed some deeper meaning here. If you are aware of this hidden pearl of knowledge, feel free to enlighten me.

“The War With Grandpa”


Right up there with “The Intern” for me in Robert De Niro’s repertoire. A heartfelt, laugh out loud film with a fantastic cast. Everyone fits their role perfectly, and really pulls at the heart strings at just the right times in between laughs. I wasn’t expecting as much emotional depth as I got from this hour and a half. The subtle love story, the unique play on family dynamics, this film really hit them all.

One hidden blessing of this unprecedented time is finding these usually buried films playing front and center on the big screen. The audience in the theater covered ages 8-80, and we all came out smiling under our masks.

“Fired Up!”


“Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.” – John Lennon

Not loving this movie is prohibidado!

In the vein of “American Pie,” “Bring It On,” and “Van Wilder,” our two heroes Nick and Shaun are on a… conquest of sorts, and have the genius idea to skip football camp for cheer camp. Once there, they realize the world of competitive cheer is much more cutthroat than they initially thought. Shaun poops where he eats, and falls for the incomparable Carly. Nick must then help him defeat the knob rocket Doctor Dick to win her heart once and for all. Definitely not the love story you expect to be in this movie looking at it on the surface.

By far one of the strangest films on my all-time favorites list, but a true classic. Super quotable, and endless laughs. Warm up your spirit fingers, and ready your squad for the forbidden Fountain of Troy.

“10 and a half pop-o… 11 in Crocs.”

“Hot Tub Time Machine 2”


Proof that John Cusak is the key to the perfect movie.

This film lacks the magic of the first, but still manages to be hilarious throughout. They embrace the “over the top” formula for bringing back a part 2, and do it in style. “Terminator” car, “Back to the Future” alternate timeline mumbo jumbo… they pull out all the stops. It’s hard to capture lightning in a bottle twice, what can you say?