Category: Comedy

“Take Me Home Tonight”


Almost as legendary as the Eddie Money song.

“Just take wild shots! Hell, it’s something just to hear the gun go off.”

This one has always had a soft spot in my heart, despite being an oddball 80’s nostalgia cash-in coming-of-age party movie. When they pull it off, these are some of the finest films to come out of Hollywood. Not only is the soundtrack a home run, but the lessons behind this film still resonate with me when I watch it today. The theme of taking risks and remembering that unplanned moments are often the most incredible moments of our lives never goes out of style, unlike the wardrobe. Not saying it won any Oscars, but the critic community sometimes forgets the importance and the beauty of less serious cinematic fare.

Fun fact: It was on the set of this movie that Anna Faris and Chris Pratt met.

“Bring Back Apu”


Finally! Akaash Singh comes out with a fantastic half-hour special that perfectly complements his “Flagrant 2” podcast (which I also highly recommend) counterpart Andrew Schulz’s exceptional “Schulz Saves America.” So get ready to be just the right amount of uncomfortable while you confront some of the timeliest material in the game today. This crew doesn’t miss!

“Blood Fest”


This would have been a great one to see at the drive-in. B-Horror movie perfection.

Regardless of whether or not you connect with the numerous nods to the classics in this one, even the casual viewer will find enjoyment in this tight hour and a half run time. It’s just meta enough to pique one’s interest and sufficiently serious without taking itself too seriously. It threads the needle perfectly to leave you thoroughly entertained. It’s definitely one of my better finds in the depths of Amazon Prime lately. I’d put it alongside “Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse,” genre-wise. Definitely out there but pulls it off nicely.