Category: Comedy

“Book Smart”


The trailer looked hilarious, the premise was there, the jokes were there… Just couldn’t land the plane. This film seemed to suffer from friendly fire, as it would build hilarious moments that these raunchy coming of age movies are known for, and then kill the momentum with a lecture. There are strong female lead characters, and then there is whatever category these two fall into by the conclusion of the flick. The film would get you laughing, and then lecture you for laughing. Very strange clash of tones. Meh…

“Fun Size”

A surprisingly cute tale of Halloween hijinks and hoodwinks, wrapped up in multiple age old coming-of-age stories. For what should have been a pretty by the numbers story, I found myself caught off guard by the laughs along the way. Strong acting and chemistry from the cast really added life to the film.

“Banana Split”


There’s a dick joke in there somewhere… because his banana is split between two girls… get it? Boom goes the dynamite. In the meantime, back to the review!

Relationships are messy. So is this movie. Basically a love triangle, similar to “the other woman,” but instead of seeking revenge, one of the women is trying to get rid of the other and win back her ex? All the while Zack or Cody (not sure which one) is living a pretty suite life, as 2 gorgeous ladies fight over him while trying to be friends and get revenge on him… I think. And the redheaded best friend gets the short end of every stick. And a black eye to cap off a string of bad luck. The little sister steals the show by throwing some stupendous shade at the dinner table.

Your fairly typical “summer after senior year coming of age story.” Some solid laughs and some strong heart. Also, made me really want a banana split.