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For a group of community college kids sitting around a table a majority of the runtime, this show is nothing short of brilliant. The variety of how its funny, the chemistry between the cast, and the overall high quality of the show is off the charts. Endless wit from beginning to end in a showing generational talents – Lightning in a bottle. It even made me like Joel McHale, and I thought that was impossible.



It’s basically “Breaking Bad,” but instead of making meth, this teacher/coach decides to sell himself to rebuild his life. A great cast, a lot of great laughs. The only complaint I have is the clunky ending. It ends like hitting a brick wall. Very strange, and unfortunate. But then again, this kept it from overstaying its welcome. Solid B-tier HBO television.

“Malibu High”


In a story arch as unlikely as the “50 shades” trilogy, our main character Kim goes from nymphomaniac to professional assassin in the blink of an eye, with little to no explanation. This may also be the only film I’ve ever seen other than “Old School” (you’re my boy, blue!) where an elderly man is killed simply by the power of a nice pair.

The soundtrack had me in stitches as it never matched what was going on on screen. The acting was laughable. But it was an entertaining hour and a half, I’ll give it that. A thank you to “Cinema Speculation” for this odd rabbit hole to travel down.



It’s British “Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” and I am here for ever second of it!

A quick wit and dry sense of humor that emanates such effortlessness from the main character that you can’t help but root for them, no matter the circumstances. Complicated characters that more accurately depict everyday acquaintances than any sitcom character could ever dream to. Fourth wall breaks that would make Deadpool flush with envy. The wildest storylines that keep one guessing until the very end, until the story and the main character wander into the night, clever as a fox as to their next move. Weird, but we’ll worth the weekend binge.



The… beauty… of small towns? Haha Yeah, we’ll go with that.

A beautiful illustration of how easy it would be to simply record the things that happen around these parts and have it go viral since it’s so unbelievable. The cultural differences were so perfectly played, and made for a hilarious story of family, love, and revenge. With a WILD twist at the end, as any good true crime podcast needs to make it complete.

In summation – be careful which exes numbers you keep in your phone.