Category: Horror/Thriller



One of the year’s best. And that’s saying something in the horror genre of 2022.

What makes this clock tick and the tension tear through you as the viewer is how well developed and sympathetic the characters are.

The other thing that puts this film over the top is that it does a fantastic job of showing instead of telling the audience. The visuals are so well executed that they instill a sense of dread that is palpable in the air of the theater. Just when a glimmer of hope appears on the horizon, you soon realize that it’s a mirage in a desert of despair, and we’re in for another twist or turn in this wild ride.

Such originality and respect for the audience and for the craft… brilliantly done!

“Black Phone”


Ethan Hawke with a comeback for the ages after “Sinister!” Although far from the good guy this time.

Part Freddy Krueger, part classic serial killer, our main villain preys on the children of the town, earning infamy in the community. The voices of the past, at first seemingly stopping by to haunt our victim, end up being his savior. This twist was a breath of fresh air and a surprise source of inspiration in such a dark story.

Enough twists and turns along the way to keep you guessing up until the very end, and a fulfilling sigh of relief to cap things off as the credits roll. Another great horse in the stable of this year’s horror lineup!




Something innocent and endearing twisted into something so unnerving. A smile. But not a happy smile. Or is it? Picking up where “It Follows” left off, this film will fray your nerves as your left in a constant state of unease, not knowing what is real and what’s a facade.

Spectacular acting, brilliant cinematography, and a perfect score combine in this masterpiece of modern horror… and to think they were going to relegate this to Paramount+.



The full introduction to Art the clown. One of the most unsettling horror characters in recent memory. Similar to Bill Skarsgard, I don’t know how David Howard Thornton can pull off some of the acting he does in this movie, especially facial expressions. It’s art in motion.

Definitely nothing high budget here, but some fantastic practical effects that Hollywood has unfortunately shied away from in recent years. A good old fashioned slasher movie. People die, and there’s blood. Lots of blood.



Oh… the opposite of Livestream. Gotcha.

You’ll be rooting for this guy to die the entire time. From the minute he hides the key to the lock from himself. He deserves every bit of what he gets. Which kind of kills the narrative of the movie, but makes it a nice popcorn flick.

Solid jump scares. Great camera work with the go pros and such. Not winning an Oscar anytime soon.