Author: Brett_G



The original, the legend! (Well, after the disaster films of the 70’s became a parody of themselves and took a siesta for a little over a decade.)

Nothing like the backdrop of mass destruction for a good old fashioned love story. *cough* Titanic *cough* These tornadoes have a vendetta for Jo’s family that would make the shark from JAWS blush.

A classic 90’s action blockbuster that will keep you on the edge of your seat for the duration. A beautiful display of the power of nature, and the effect it has on the people who directly experience it. Inspiring a generation of disaster films to follow.

“Into the Storm”


“Twister,” if they had better CGI back in the day. Would have been amazing to see in IMAX, but still impressive on a TV screen. A solid action movie that checks all the boxes. Love story between an awkward teen and a girl out of his league that he wins over by not dying. Guy dying by getting sucked into a fire-nado. Walks the fine line between suspense and “Sharknado” better than most.

“Magic Mike”


Hike up your thong, and saddle up your pony… no new movies meant we eventually had to go here.

Holy weird movie Batman. A behind the scenes look at the world of male exotic dancing. A smarter(?) version of “showgirls”… maybe. The race is about as tight as Dallas’s leather pants.

Amazing choreography. A truly inspiration story about chasing your dreams. And a weird side quest about entrepreneurship and investment in day trading and commercial real estate. And furniture.

“Back to the Future”


… on the big screen! This one will now forever have a special place in my heart.

The beginning chapter of one of the all time greatest film trilogies. So much great action. So many groundbreaking special effects. At the heart, a heartwarming story with relationships that jump off the screen thanks to the cast’s phenomenal chemistry and talent.

Lorraine… *swoon*

Every scene impactful. One of the best opening exposition dumps I’ve ever seen. I never before fully realized how covertly Zemeckis catches the audience up to speed before we even meet a character during the opening titles. One of Alan Silvestri’s, if not Hollywood’s most iconic scores.

Time circuits – On

Flux capacitor – Fluxing

Movie – Fantastic

“Jaws: The Revenge”


Ah… franchise fatigue.

This series finale is a completely unnecessary addition to the anthology, but it was the 80s, so what the hell? A solid action film that didn’t have to worry about overusing the shark finds it’s place in history as the most obnoxious JAWS. This time… it’s personal. Unlike the past 2 times this shark has returned from the dead to wipe out the remaining members of the Brody family. They also lean pretty heavily on the original, from a not so subtle Chief Brody portrait in the beginning, to the score sounding strangely familiar, to the theft of the ending. Luckily, the shark literally jumps the series in this film, signifying the end of an era.