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Thank (insert deity here) Christians finally figured out how to make good movies to deliver their messages. We’ve come a long way since the days of “God’s not Dead.” The key to delivering messages is in the delivery, and that comes down to making subjects palatable and subtextual, instead of attacking the audience with the subtlety of actually being thumped with a Bible.

Above all else, this was a really solid crime/horror thriller. The two main actors deliver powerhouse performances in what amounts to a one room play, with a few surrounding shots to support the narrative and round out the runtime. The Glenn Beck interview at the end was a bit unnecessary to drive the points home, but it’s understandable in the big picture. All in all, a solid addition to this year’s horror film lineup.

Moral of the story… probably not the best idea to straight up invite a demon into your soul. Just a thought from your friendly neighborhood movie reviewer.

“Rare Objects”


Kintsugi in film form. Broken people helping fellow broken people. The best of humanity on display.

Alan Cumming and Julia Mayorga kill it in their respective roles, while Katie Homes’s performance pushes it over the top. A study in grief, damage, recovery, and resilience. Wrapped in a wonderful sense of, well, wonder.



Two words – unnecessarily horny.

Turns out Bob Ross needed a stash of brushes to keep the babes at bay.

An absolutely ridiculous what I’m going to consider a mockumentary for the ages. Owen Wilson kills it, and somehow keeps a straight face the entire runtime. If (insert vehicle here) is a rocking, don’t come a knocking. And probably don’t take your new vegan girlfriend to the fondue place for veal. Pro tip from a single gentleman about town.

“The Pope’s Exorcist”


A surprisingly solid exorcist film!

Russell Crowe absolutely shines as Father Gabriele Amorth, one of the chief exorcists in the Catholic Church and foremost expert on the subject until his death.

The film itself is a bit of a masterclass in exorcism filmmaking. From the initial “exorcist shot,” to the portrayal of the rite itself throughout the film, the cast hits all of the marks beautifully, with a natural flow that lends it a realism and authenticity not many horror films achieve. The film fires on all cylinders from beginning to end, shining a light on humanity, humility, and grace.

“The Exorcist Shot”



“You’re remembered for the rules you break.”

The measure of a good “based on a true story” film is how well it can keep the attention of the audience. Did we all know the ship was going to meet its untimely demise at the hands of an iceberg? Yes. Did we all still put butts in seats and make it one of the highest grossing films of all time? You bet your ass we did.

This film keep you engaged from the opening note of “Money for Nothin’” until the credits roll.

Every single member of this cast brings their A game and keep the narrative firing on all cylinders at all times. The ability to make the mundane magnificent is something magical about this film. Whether it’s our taste for nostalgia, love for characters overcoming adversity, or love for this cast and this story, it all works.

Side note – the soundtrack is AMAZING!