Author: Brett_G

“Mack & Rita”


I will watch anything with Elizabeth Lail starring in it. This now extends to Diane Keaton. Both do a fantastic job of bringing their respective Mack or Rita to life on the big screen.

I’d be remised if I didn’t admit that this plot wouldn’t work as well if it was a guy who becomes old and then hooks up with the neighbor half his age, but this film successfully skates the thin ice to the other side of the pond to deliver a powerful message about appreciating ourselves for who we are, and to be confident in taking our place in the world.

The tug of war between youth and wisdom, and each generation looking at each other thinking the other has it made were on full display. It reminded me of a recent episode of “The Adam and Dr. Drew Show” podcast where they discussed the evolution of what is deemed valuable by society. All in all, an entertaining rom-com of sorts with a “bridesmaids” or “book club” style comedy mixed in.




Holy crap… despite my love of roller coasters, I’m deathly afraid of heights. This movie spends most of the runtime atop a rusting retired TV tower as the two main characters make every attempt to accidentally meet their demise. Needless to say, it took a couple years off my life as I squirmed, jumped, and kept my eyes closed through certain passages. Still catching my breath.

Aside from the personal drama, the movie was quite good at what it set out to do, which was present a great action thriller. Tight hour and a half run time, just enough story to hold the action together, and a hellacious twist that I should have seen coming. (Facepalm)

“Minions: The Rise of Gru”


Much better than expected! A fun, tight hour and a half comedy that kept me either giggling or flat out laughing to myself.

The boys are back for another wacky adventure that see Gru get his ass in a bind that the 3 stooges much make worse, then get him out of.

Despite the predictable story, there’s a lot of charm and genuine entertainment here, in addition to a rocking soundtrack!

Bonus – there was no roving gang of suit clad chads in my showing! Win-win!

“Thor: Love & Thunder”


Taika Waititi kills it again with a romantic comedy of all things! Who woulda thunk it?

The director who does comedy best also injects a surprising amount of heart into the god of thunder. The cast absolutely nails the characters and their respective arks, especially Christian Bale as the best villain this side of Thanos and Loki. We get the return of Jane! And an army of children who don’t go down like the punks in Star Wars… which might be because Thor is a better mentor than Anakin.

Sit back, crank the Guns N’ Roses, and enjoy this refreshing installment post-infinity saga, that actually feels like Marvel has its bearings for two hours.

… and a goat. Two goats to be exact.

“Firestarter” (2022)


Unfortunately fell flat for me…a cross between “Stranger Things,” “Matilda,” and “Carrie.” It had some well-done scenes but failed to build consistent momentum and ultimately left me underwhelmed.

The one bright spot in this hot mess, aside from the brilliant score by John Carpenter, was the performance of the main lead Ryan Kiera Armstrong. She stole the focus in almost every scene and held down the fort while Efron overacted the likes of Jim Carrey.

Throughout the runtime, this film felt like a cheap attempt to play on tropes. Though brilliant in its own right, even the score was essentially the “Halloween” score in a different scale.