“Rocket Man”

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Did not expect this one… In the vein of other music biopics, this film checks all the boxes required for a music documentary. A rough childhood, drug and alcohol abuse, creative differences, the evil manager. What I especially enjoyed about this particular one is that the involvement of the artist did not lead to a watering down of the lows, but a deeper exploration of them. I was reminded of “Springsteen on Broadway” throughout the film, as many of Elton John’s songs took on a whole new meaning and levity with the context that the various stories add. (Also, hearing the actual accurate lyrics, not the nonsense I’ve been singing for years.) The cast, especially lead actor Taron Egerton as Elton, superbly conveys this tale of excess, heartache, and beautiful music. Heavy on the musical, you’ll definitely be re-discovering some auditory gems after leaving the theater.

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