“Star Wars: Episode IX”

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After “Avengers: Endgame,” I didn’t know if anyone would ever land the plane as well as the Russo brothers when it came to a mega franchise believed by millions… until JJ Abrams delivered one of the greatest third acts not only of a trilogy, but a saga, that I have ever enjoyed on the big screen. Expertly executed callbacks and homages to classic Star Wars moments. The redemption of the perfect characters at the perfect times. The best case scenario endings for almost all involved… and enough nostalgia to make “Ready Player One” blush. To see everything come to fruition and come full circle left such a strong sense of closure that I felt completely satisfied when the credits rolled. There will be division, yes, but we can all say that we have witnessed cinematic history this year, and have shared some cherished memories with our fellow Star Wars fans over these past 4 years. Bravo to all involved… now onto a much deserved rest for the near future for this legendary franchise. We’ll see you on Disney+.

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