“Uncut Gems”

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This movie is a rock that someone mistook as an uncut gem… yikes. By far the worst Adam Sandler movie I’ve ever seen, by a long shot. Good lord… creepy, no story, raunchy for no reason, and way too long. The jokes are a mix of trying too hard to be relevant and way out of date. Adam Sandler fight The Weekend and Kevin Garnett… and watches his mistress do unspeakable things from a closet doorway before yelling “surprise!” AND THEY LAUGH! (I kid you not.). I think they were going for a new take on 2014’s “The Gambler,” but without the charm of Mark Wahlberg, solid action, a coherent story… humor that makes you laugh.

Yikes… Go see ANYTHING else at the theater this week. Not necessarily the way I wanted to start my year in reviews… staying hopeful that this is me getting the bad ones out of the way early on.

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