“Just Mercy”

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Looking for an early front-runner for film of the year? Here it is. In the third week of January. Hauntingly beautiful. Uncomfortable in just the right way. Emotionally moving like almost nothing else in theaters nowadays. Michael B. Jordan, Brie Larson, and Jamie Foxx firing on all cylinders, with some of the greatest performances of their careers. Don’t let this one get away without seeing this powerful film on the big screen. Rooting for this to win all the awards, and to be seen by all who are looking for the best and the worst of humanity on full display for two hours. Not since “The Judge” have I seen such a slick courtroom drama. The fact that this all happened in reality, and continues to happen today just adds to this story’s impact. Shows just how much one person who believes can do to change so many lives… and how far we have yet to go in the journey of human progress. Don’t forget your tissues for this one. By the end, the profoundness of the title will tie everything together perfectly.

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