“Hot Tub Time Machine”

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Review #200 incoming! Had to be one of the all time favorites. Subject of my Film Appreciation & History final essay I aced… “Hot Tub Time Machine!”

Homages to so many 80’s classics, John Cusack, a perfectly ridiculous plot. This film is cinematic lightning in a bottle. The lesson of “embrace the chaos” and “your future isn’t written yet, so make it a good one” a la “Back to the Future 3.” Time travel has a way of addressing much bigger issues under the veil of science fiction, similar to horror films. It’s why it’s always been one of my favorite genres. As sophomoric as the premise may seem, this film strikes a much deeper chord. So turn the bubbles on, enjoy the rockin’ retro soundtrack, and get ready for a legendary fourth wall break.

Also, thank you all for sticking around and reading these often off the wall ramblings of a guy who loves to watch and talk about movies.

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