“Queen Bees”

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This one was kind of amazing… I was expecting funny, but it far exceeded my expectations!

Be it my appreciation that it brought Dementia/Alzheimer’s into the limelight or the fact that this cast was fantastic, and it knocks it out of the park for a tight hour and a half. Better than expected laughs with just as much heart balancing it all out, some moments hitting a little close to home for someone who used to work in a nursing home, bringing back all the right nostalgia. Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) continues his recent renaissance. Helen Wilson shines as the leading lady. They seem to crank out at least one of these comedies a year, but this one was up there with “Book Club” on the level of wildly out-kicking its coverage. A feel-good movie when we need some real feel-good movies to welcome us all back to theaters.

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