“Candyman” (2021)

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If you enjoyed the original, you’ll enjoy this one.

They dive deeper into the lore of Candyman and into the psychological connection between a community and the myths they pass down through generations. Jordan Peele was involved, so you know it will be time well spent in the theater. The originality of the kills was a nice change from the typical horror movies lately. Very Freddy Krueger-esque at times. Where you’re not quite sure which reality you’re currently standing in and witnessing. That instability keeps you on the edge of your seat and attempting to look around corners before the camera does. Yahya Abdul-Mateen II nailed the manic paranoia of the character being drawn into Candyman’s grip. He went all-in, and it pays dividends in how captivating he is on-screen. He keeps you invested in going deeper into the insanity of the story. Very well done and well worth a watch!

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