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This one had such promise… That it ultimately pisses away by the time the credits roll.

An interesting premise, based on a Native American tale of a soul-thieving deer creature roaming the forest and punishing those taking from the earth and not doing their part to care for the world around them. But nope, we have to spend time with the family drama of the adults. Adults that are so dumb that they can’t figure out until their third trip to the house that that’s a car under that tarp that just appeared there since yesterday. Better yet, it’s the car of the principal who went missing. And who woulda thunk it? She should have listened to the creepy little kid and not gone in the attic. The lesson of the whole thing – if there are multiple deadbolt locks and one or more blessed artifacts guarding a door… don’t open that door. Bonus points – if you see a freshly dead body, don’t go stand over it. Something bad happened there to cause said dead body. Don’t tempt fate.

An interesting film that unfortunately fell flat in the end, in my book.

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