“The Eyes of Tammy Faye”

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Oh… megachurches. Doing the Lord’s work.

Also, what is the lead singer of Midland doing here?!

This movie was much hornier than I anticipated… You’ll see what I mean if you brave this one. Unfortunately, you’ll need to go to church after the credits roll.

The story itself is biopic gold and cements Jessica Chastain as one of the best in the Biz for these roles, after also knocking “Molly’s Game” out of the park. Girl meets boy, falls in love, amass an immense fortune based on fraud, fights the law, and the law wins. But, unfortunately, in a shocking twist, Jerry Falwell turns out to not be holier than thou.

Overall, this film was incredibly entertaining, engaging, and enlightening. It was a fun roller coaster ride through one of American history’s great rise and fall stories. Poor Tammy just wanted to play with her puppets and sing…

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