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Ah… A return to the classic slasher. From A24, of all studios!

This one thankfully lived up to the hype, and then some. It’s just the right amount of story to hold it all together and just enough sex to justify the killing. A glorious return to the tried and true formula of the classic “Friday the 13th” franchise, among many others. Much better than the recent “Texas Chainsaw” installment. Just because they’re old doesn’t mean they can’t inflict some severe damage. The couple who owns the farm me flashbacks to “The Visit” from years ago.

All in all, the casting was pretty perfect. Speaking of perfect, I will never see “Pitch Perfect” the same after this one. Brittany Snow kills it as the co-lead, alongside wannabe Matthey McConaughey Martin Henderson.

The kills are beautifully directed and, as a result, incredibly impactful and effective. I especially loved a particular scene that turns progressively red as the blood is spilled. The lighting and resulting effect were unexpectedly brilliant.

I highly recommend this one, but caution those with a weak stomach.

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