“The Turning”

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Seriously?!?!?! That’s how we’re going to leave this thing?!?

Get ready to be genuinely unsettled for two hours, and be left hanging in the end (in my opinion). Just as intense and jarring as the trailer, just when you think you have this film figured out, it takes a turn and keeps you guessing and off balance. Checks so many boxes… Open ended, old lady warning of bad things while also creeping everyone out, jump scares, ghosts, and the little girl with an imaginary friend(s). Imaginary friends are never good news in these things. Solid directing. Builds tension better than most these days. Jump scares and the natural mystique of the scenery used cleverly and sparingly, making them all the more effective.

Seeing as this film is based off the same source material, I’m excited to see what’s in store for “Haunting of Hill House: Season 2.”

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