“The Kissing Booth 2”

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Damn you, Netlfix! I knew exactly how this was going to go, and I still loved every awkward, ultimately lovable second!

Shocker… they have relationship troubles when Hunk 1 moves to the other side of the country and has the audacity to befriend a young woman who also goes to Harvard.

Shocker… Hunk 2 moves into Elle’s life just in time to save her from having to find something to do with her free time other than destroying her best friend’s relationship with his girlfriend who puts up with way too much shit from him if you ask me. Like, bro, you’re straight up neglecting this girl who is moving heaven and earth to be with you. You repay this loyalty with making her a third wheel in her own relationship.

Movie then pulls a “surprise” on our two main love birds by basically pulling a “When Harry Met Sally.” “She’s just my friend from school, babe. You know, like you and Noah.” This leaves hunk 2 with the sequel bait line “she’s worth it” line at the end, to let us know his quest for Elle’s heart isn’t over yet. But to be honest, she played him just to win that DDR tournament and pay for Harvard. You can do better Hunk 2, I’m rooting for you in the next one.

In all honesty, they haven’t seen the end of “When Harry Met Sally.” This is going to turn into Biz Markie’s “Just a Friend” real quick in part 3…

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