“The Map of Tiny Perfect Things”

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Literal mapping out of life’s tiny but impactful, perfectly imperfect moments that make life worth it. Just enough nerdy time travel theory to take me back to writing a college paper on it once. The rom-com sap fest love story I’m always a sucker for. Amazon’s attempting to dethrone Netflix, and I am here for it!

After this and “Freaky,” Kathryn Newton is pigeon holing herself as the official time travel girl a bit, but she’s so damn good at it! I couldn’t help but also keep thinking that Kyle Allen looks like a younger version of Heath Ledger most of the movie. Distractions aside, they play the perfect onscreen stand-ins for left brain/right brain characters in this love story for the ages. I figured this would feel a bit stale, given how they’re repeating the niche like a time loop lately, but it knocks it out of the park. Highly recommend!

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