“The World to Come”

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Brett’s Movie Reviews After Dark… (cue funky bass line)

You wouldn’t know it from the trailer, but this is not, in fact, an A24 horror flick.

Instead, it’s the film this Valentine’s day for the ladies out there who are getting ready to hit send on a social media post swearing off men. The two main characters hear you and raise you a steamy romance that scratches an itch neither of their husbands can collectively figure out how to, probably because one of them is sad Casey Affleck again. Who’s confidence is as flaccid as his… You get the picture. The other guy is just a straight-up abusive asshole. Neither have any redeeming qualities, so as a viewer, we see this coming a mile away.

I do have to say, the women have a great onscreen chemistry and dynamic that plays out in a way that seems very natural and unforced. In my continued flogging of the “Fifty Shades” franchise, Anastasia would have been better off in colonial America, apparently.

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