“Listen to Me”

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Highly recommended, greatly hyped… Lived up to and exceeded every expectation!

Apparently I’ve missed many golden opportunities to utilize the phrase “lifting cars” in my dating life over the years.

This movie checked all of my boxes for great love stories and relationship dynamics to drive the story. You have the guy with the “perfect” life that isn’t as it seems. Who wants to blow it all up to follow his passion instead of the plan, similar to the gang in “The Breakfast Club.” Then you have the awkward couple who clicks as friends but never quite has the spark… Similar to Becca and Jesse in “Pitch Perfect.”

In the vein of “Pitch Perfect,” this film does a great job of shining a light on a niche extracurricular college activity and the fascinating characters that are drawn to it. At the helm of the team is chief Brody, of all people, who may have moved from east coast to west, but kept his shorts from his time in Martha’s Vineyard all those summers ago.

In closing, I leave you with this…

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