“The Deep”

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So… what to say about this one. *strokes beard*

If you’ve read the book “Jaws,” you know it’s far more horny than the film adaptation. For this reason, the film’s story was able to become much more rich with multi-dimensional characters and deeper relationships between them. Instead of Hooper just perving on Chief Brody’s wife.

This film, based on another Benchley novel, missed that memo. And clearly just tried to coast off the fumes of JAWS. Honestly, if you’re looking for that, watch JAWS 2. It’s much better. This one is just a bunch of unexciting underwater scenes with bubbling sound effects for 15-minute intervals—diving off a boat that looks like the Orca’s cousin. Instead of a shark, there are eels.

This time, Quint joins in on the scuba diving, and almost dies as a result. Instead, the wife ends up as a damsel in distress just as often as they go scuba diving. Overall, this thing’s a hot mess. Nothing you can’t see watching an aquarium screen saver. Robert Shaw’s acting and Jaqueline Bisset preferring to scuba in a tight whit t shirt can’t even save this one.

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