“The Father”

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He’s not leaving his FLAT!!! Stop asking!

It took a hot second to figure out what was going on here, but once I caught up to speed, this is an absolutely breathtaking tale of the descent into dementia through the patient’s eyes. Anthony Hopkins better win an Oscar for this one. As someone who worked as a Nurse Aide with dementia patients, this hit close to home for me, and gave me many flashbacks. This poor gentleman hasn’t quite lost enough marbles to become “pleasantly confused” yet. I was not surprised to find that this was originally a play, as the scenes play in a manner that shows that hand very early on. It all works so effectively to put the audience in the patient’s shoes on this one. Haunting, and sometimes hard to watch, but an important subject told well on the silver screen.

For More Info: https://www.alz.org/

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