“Zack Snyder’s Justice League”

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Worth every second of the 4 hour runtime.

Everything lacking from the first go-round or that didn’t fit, fixed. One of the few times I’m thankful for the power of a hashtag. Everything from the color palate to the soundtrack has been redeemed to it’s initially intended glory. I had my doubts, as I think we all did. Zack Snyder went ahead and blew expectations out of the water, and singlehandedly put the DCEU back on the map.

The characters finally get the screen time and TLC they all deserve, leaving each fulfilled to a degree not imagined in the first version. No more odd jokes, no more creeping on Wonder Woman, no more rushing the story to fumble the ending. A well thought out and constructed masterpiece, leaving hope for the legendary stable of superheroes once again, instead of the feeling of doubt and turn back to Marvel. The darkness in this film and unabashed nature of the consequences experienced was refreshing. The finale battle topped by one of the greatest 5 minute finale scenes I’ve seen in a superhero film in some time. The actors seemed engaged, and to fully buy into their roles in this version. You can feel the passion that went into the project. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, flying off to claw the eyes out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

It took a couple days to process before I felt fully ready to write this. Great call on the part of Warner Bros. to green light this hairbrained idea, and even better call on Zack Snyder foregoing a salary for complete creative control.


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