“Wrath of Man”

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Divine darkness.

Guy Ritchie works his magic yet again. You want an over-the-top, tightly wound action film that’s a work of art at its core? He’s your man. Very similar to “The Gentlemen,” which was also a favorite of mine from last year. Plenty of twists and turns, gore, and Jason Statham growling at people as he methodically massacres in his hunt for justice. Think “John Wick” with just a few more lines of dialogue and a much different haircut.

God, I wish I could pull off stubble like Statham…

Some of the story points were predictable, which is somewhat a symptom of watching this many movies, but they are so well executed (pun intended) that you won’t care. One thing this crew does better than almost anyone in the biz is action. Strap in, and get ready for a wildly entertaining edge of your seat ride.

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