“The King’s Man”

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The prequel no one asked for, but looking back, should have been asking for.

The origin story of the Kingsman, an eloquently told family drama intertwined with global geopolitics affected by international family drama, wrapped in one of the slickest action films of the year. The directing, cinematography, and choreography are off the chart and exceed the already high bar of the Kingsman franchise. Prepare to be thoroughly entertained for two hours by a political drama. I’m as surprised as you are I just said that. However, if you drench it in scotch, high tea, and high octane adrenaline, you have a hit on your hands. Rasputin is the least interesting part of this, and that’s saying something. Well worth the wait through multiple delays to finally see this action-packed masterpiece on the big screen. Too bad that D-Box motion seats are no longer a fad. This movie would have been INSANE in one of those!

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